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Some people do thing so bad that society has the right to kill them. Removed from the face of the Earth, these individuals can no longer taunt their victim’s families (as some do), nor will they have an…
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Planning Schema
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The Death Penalty Claim: This essay claims that the death penalty—the sanctioned killing of convicted murderers, for example—is a just and appropriate saction.
Stated reason:
The death penalty is a deterrent for many serious crimes and helps prevent them from happening in the first place.
It is a statement society makes about the highest stigma crimes. Some people do thing so bad that society has the right to kill them. Removed from the face of the Earth, these individuals can no longer taunt their victim’s families (as some do), nor will they have an opportunity to ever walk free again.
There is lots of evidence to suggest the death penalty is a deterrent. Whatever these studies say, no one can deny that the death penalty absolutely deters the murderer who is killed by it—he will never raise his hand against anyone again
The death penalty is society’s ultimate sanction against those who commit the most heinous crimes. Its elimination is called for by people who in a general sense would tend to see criminals as victims, and refuse to actually see victims of crime at all.
Most readers would accept the warrant without much backing.
Conditions of rebuttal:
It is understandable that so many people have strong opinions about this issue. No life should ever be taken without careful consideration and due process. That said, there is a growing trend around the world to look at criminals themselves as victims of some sort of social injustice, to think about criminals in the same way most people think about victims of crime. Read More
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Planning Schema Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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