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The Kite Runner - Essay Example

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It narrates the depth and variance in the relationship between two fathers and their sons and also it contains within it the tale of two children and their…
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The Kite Runner
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Extract of sample "The Kite Runner"

Download file to see previous pages Amir always keeps up his dignified position of being the master’s son where as Hassan is as loyal as one can be. Their relationship is bound to several social factors associated with the culture prevailed during that period in Afghanistan. The love and care of two fathers namely Baba and Ali highly influences the relationship of Amir and Hasan. The objective of this essay is to critically analyze the relationship between Amir and Hasan. The essay tries to identify the elements which are influential in their relationship. The changing living environments that the characters face in the story are considered closely while analyzing the relationship status of the characters .The cultural factors has been considered as a background for the analysis.
Their characters are totally contrasting yet justifiable owing to the social system of that time. This contrast is confirmed by Clapssadle (2005), as Amir has been described as a Protagonist and Hasan as a Protagonist. The dominating behaviour of Amir is quite natural as he is born and brought up in the lap of luxury. This should be read together with the fact that Baba, the father of Amir, lived almost like a king of the area. Added to this is the fact that Hassan was a Hazara, one of the socially marginalized communities in Afganistan. The author of the story has ensured to add background information on the social setup of the period and has explained in detail the evolutionary facts on the Hazara community. These facts has been confirmed by authentic literatures on Afghanistan’s history (ACS, 2009) With this information, the loyal nature of Hassan is justified. Adding to these is the fact that Ali, has an obligatory nature and had been the servant of Amir’s family for long. Many instances it has been found in the story that Ali insists Hasan to be obliged and loyal to the family. Hassan is expected to do the will of his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Amir in the Kite Runner

...?Jerry Ciacho May 14, Amir in The Kite Runner The Kite Runner divulges into the life of a young child d Amir who lives and resides in the wealthiest neighborhood in the city of Kabul, the greatest and the capital city of Afghanistan. Now living successfully in San Francisco, California, as he is walking down the Golden Gate Bridge, he brings to mind an incident that happened during the wintertime in the year 1975 that forever altered his life. He reflects and contemplates on how the past always has a way of coming back in spite of one's determination and struggle to forget and take it out of the mind. This childhood incident has stayed in his mind since and has continued to discomfit him as this instance involves an act that Amir has done...
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Analasis of The Kite Runner

...ant for juveniles and adolescents, as they get to realize how some events in the childhood haunt a person till late in life until he/she pays in some way for his/her sin. Childhood is an age of ignorance. Children do not take things seriously and tend to escape from their duties like Amir did by not helping Hassan when he was being raped. Although temporarily Amir escaped the fuss, yet he did it on the cost of a lifelong peace. I would strongly recommend this book for teaching to juveniles. Not only does it narrate an accurate account of the history of Afghanistan, lifestyle of Afghanis and their culture, but also generates a strong moral lesson for the children. Works Cited: Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. Doubleday Canada, 2007....
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Sin in The Kite Runner

... of Islam? (284) I pray, I pray that my sins have not caught up with me the way I’d always feared they would. A STARLESS BLACK NIGHT falls over Islamabad. (346) America, you don’t reveal the ending of the movie, and if you do, you will be scorned and made to apologise profusely for having committed the sin of spoiling the End. (357) Works Cited Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. Riverhead Trade, April 27, 2004.Print... ll situations is impossibility. In the novel “The Kite Runner,” by Khaled Hosseini, Baba, the main character, gives his version of the sin to his son Amir, in a tone of warning and...
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Cultural Diversity Novel Study Assignment: The Kite Runner

...l, social, religious and cultural needs. I will try to validate the culture of the adult by showing active involvement in his ethnic and cultural norms. In addition, I will try to indulge them in conversation with patience so that I can have their time and will try to find out the roots of the problems that they face. Knowledge about their social and cultural values would help in developing a trusting, respectful and strong relationship. I would be able to gain their attention by involving myself in their cultural and social traditions. I would gain their trust and be able to understand their issues. This will help my work easier and effective. Reference: Hosseini, Khaled. Novel the kite runner. Posted to alt. Binaries.e-book...
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The Kite Runner

...a selfish boy to a selfless adult. On the other hand, Assef has an extremely selfish and remorseless character, as he never even thinks of redemption for the sins he committed to Hassan and Sohrab. Sacrifice has been a major recurring motif in The Kite Runner; Hassan, knowing how important the blue kite was for Amir, refused to give it up even if it caused himself to get sexually abused. He also sacrificed his honesty for Amir by owning up to a crime he did not commit (stealing Baba’s watch). However, even Amir later selflessly put himself in danger’s mouth to save Sohrab. Kites symbolize the difference between Amir and Hassan’s social class and status in their...
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The Kite Runner by: Khaled Hosseini

... Book Report/Review, English Topic: The Kite Runner by: Khaled Hosseini Introduction: “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini is an extraordinary plot. The contents of the book explain human relations at its best and worst and make the reader wonder whether this country, Afghanistan, has a Constitution? It contains several stories within the story. The people have taken suffering for granted as the part of their lives and the cramping social norms and religious practices rule the society. Attempts to run away from the chocking social atmosphere are severely punished. Suffering seems to be the accepted virtue of this land and the emotions of the readers are tested on an on as one turns the pages of the book. The two important characters...
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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

...assan and his father is another human rights issue. In this fictional context, a number of historical events have been described. Although the story of this play is mainly fictional, yet one can find links of real world politics and historic tensions in it like the Afghan monarchy’s ending days in 1970s and the events that occurred in Afghanistan after the Taliban rule was over. His writing reflects Hosseini’s memories of childhood as he spent the early years of his life in Kabul’s Wazir Akbar Khan part. A potential way of understanding the socio-economic and other historic issues in Afghanistan is the study of such novels as The Kite Runner. Khaled Hosseini has played the magic of his creativity to present the boring and tiresome...
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The Kite Runner

... says, “I want you to stop harassing me. I want you to go away (Hosseini 77).” However, as Amir matures to being a young man in a world far away from Afghanistan, he eventually realizes the need to expunge himself of his guilt and betrayal by going back to Afghanistan to find Hassan’s son. Finally when Amir manages to solicit a lopsided smile from Hassan’s son in climax, Amir manages to revive and seal the long lost friendship by repeating the words long ago said by Hassan “For you, a thousand times over (Hosseini 323).” To put it simply The Kite Runner is a beautiful story of gratitude and coming of age. Works Cited Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. London: Bloomsbury, 2004. Print....
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Kite Runner

.... Amir and Baba flee from the war and acquired a new life in America, as a novelist; while Hassan stayed behind, taking care of Baba’s property. As the years went by Amir gathered courage and saved, Sohrab, Hassan’s son, which proves to be a, transformation from his cowardice nature from childhood (Hosseini, 84). Works Cited Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. New York: Riverhead Books, 2003. Print....KITE RUNNER Question How the scene sets the stage for the novel The scene sets the stage for the novel as it presents the audience with two character traits with different backgrounds. The two characters Amir, the son an affluent business man, Baba, and Hassan, the son of Ali, Amir’s Dad’s ser...
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Analysis And Review: The Kite Runner

..., and designs as have been described in the novel continued to define the way that humanity interacted with one another. Works Cited AUBRY, TIMOTHY. "Afghanistan Meets The Amazon: Reading The Kite Runner In America." PMLA: Publications Of The Modern Language Association Of America 124.1 (2009): 25-43. Academic Search Complete. Web. 15 Dec. 2012. Bunce, Selvi. "Khaled Hosseinis The Kite Runner." Language In India 11.12 (2011): 573-576. Communication & Mass Media Complete. Web. 15 Dec. 2012. Hosseini, Khaled. The kite runner. New York: Riverhead Books, 2004. Jackson, Blair. "The Kite Runner." Mix 32.1 (2008): 79-87. Business Source Premier. Web. 15 Dec. 2012....
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Business Plan of Road Runner

...Road Runner A Business Plan BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE HERE TABLE OF CONTENTS 0 Executive Summary............................................................................................... 2.0 Company description............................................................................................. 3.0 Service Description................................................................................................. 4.0 Marketing strategy and plan................................................................................. 4.1 Environmental analysis................................................................................. 4.1.1 PEST Analysis...
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The Kite Runner

...d his father, being poor, do not have this option and are left to suffer the brunt of the war. Twenty years later, Amir can still not forgive himself for betraying his best friend and he embarks on a journey back to Afghanistan to try to help Hassan and his family. He is quick to identify himself with Afghans as an entity and not the differences in tribe, religion and classes when a driver from the Hazara tribe, who was driving him back to Kabul, doubted his intentions and genuineness for coming back to Afghanistan. These actions by Amir go a long way to illustrate the theme of friendship, and how important it is to remain loyal to friends, in the novel. Works Cited Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. New York: Penguin Classics,...
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Analysis of Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

...instead has to dutifully serve the rapist just because he is powerful in the society. The rapist is in no shame or guilt and instead tortures Hassan more (Hosseini 100). The story deeply shows the tensions and problems in Hassan’s life just because he is a Hazara living in Afghanistan where pathans are the dominant race. The powerful and rich of the society can act unfairly and unjustly whenever they want and there is no one to catch them. This is the depressing story of Hassan portrayed and how he eventually died leaving a son behind who was sent to orphanage, taken by the Taliban, and later saved by Amir as a gesture to correct his mistake with Hassan. Work Cited Hosseini Khaled. The Kite Runner. USA: Riverhead Books, 2003....
2 Pages(500 words)Book Report/Review

The kite runner

..., achievement is without sufferance. Hosseini is using violence to say that the images of Afghanistan are detrimental (Hosseini, 25). The act committed show the suffering that the people of Afghanistan undergo. Betrayal brings in the picture part of life, which comes with the redemption as a whole, and finally, forgiveness completes the cycle therefore forgiveness is essential for people to live in joy. Work Cited Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. London: Bloomsbury, 2004. Internet resource....
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Afghanistan Kite Runner

According to Assef, Hassan is from an inferior race whose members belong only to the Hazarajat and should not socialize with the upper-class families.
The kite tournament is a traditional competition in Afghanistan. In this tournament, the winner is the person who cuts all the kites. People who run to trace the cut kites are referred to as Kite runners. The person who gets the last cut kite can be considered the luckiest of all.
One day Assef and his friends saw Hassan and Amir walking on the street. Assef threw a stone from the back of the two boys to interrupt their movement, with the intention of stopping them. Assef asked his friends, “If I paid you to be my friends, would you really be my friends or servants? So I...
10 Pages(2500 words)Essay

The Kite Runner

...s a beautiful and inspiring story (Hosseini, 8). In conclusion, the relationships between the characters in this novel are filled with so many sentiments. Every character has his/her own division and significance, which keeps the reader amused. When these divisions are organised, it makes the novel to be interesting. I have to say that my preferred portions were the sections that show the situations of war during the Taliban control. Many of the actions are filled with suspense. The parts with action in the novel made me not to stop reading it. This novel is really a page-turner and I endorse it highly to all readers in high school students. Work Cited Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. New York, New York: Riverhead Books, 2007....
1 Pages(250 words)Assignment

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

... to the central issues dealt with in the book. In particular, the references to guilt and redemption which is the focus of this analysis. Indeed, Hayes comments that “perhaps one thing that surprised me is how much the Kite Runner speaks to all people in much the same way in their deepest needs to deal with their pain and guilt, to find forgiveness, and to do something good or significant with their lives” (Hayes, 2006 p.2). Additionally, Hayes highlights the point that “The Kite Runner is both a quick-read page turner and a powerful novel that makes a lasting impression and lends itself to hours of thought, self reflection and thought” (p.3). To this end, it is arguable that the rise and pain of loss of Hassan and Amir’s relationship...
7 Pages(1750 words)Research Paper

The Kite Runner: Cultural Influence on Characters

...y culture has its pros and cons but it’s up to us to decide which course of action to take or which cultural factors shall influence us. These may turn out to be reliving, soul lightening or bring a sea of guilt and regret just like Amir brought upon him, himself. Besides, one of the most interesting things about this novel is that it is able to reach across, religion, racial and cultural gaps because it deals with varying kind of background and gives readers an insight in all the cultures and let them decide which cultured plays what role. Work Cited Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. (2003). Shamel, Shafiq. "Epic Poetry and The Kite Runner: Paradigms of Cultural Identity in Fiction and Afghan Society." telos 2007.138 (2007):...
6 Pages(1500 words)Book Report/Review

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

... talks about Amir’s transgression to rescuing Hassan’s son several decades later. The Kite Runner was the bestseller for the New York Times for more than two years. The story line of this book goes around friendship, cruelty, redemption, survival and longing for acceptance. Thus, it is a highly recommended book, especially for the book clubs since it is a book of culture. Plot summary The plot of the kite runner can be analyzed into three parts. Part 1 Hassan, a Hazara and a servant to Amir’s father the son to Ali, and Amir a well-to-do Pashtun boy spend most of their time kite fighting in the city of Kabul. Hassan is a better kite runner than Amir since he is able to predict where the kite would land without literally looking...
7 Pages(1750 words)Book Report/Review
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