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In “The Scene of the Screen,” the critic Vivian Sobchack writes about how the massive cultural infusion of movies, video games, and computers have altered the way we see ourselves in the world and even the way we interact with one another. Wherever we go in public, there is…
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The scene of the screen
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The Scene of the Screen” In “The Scene of the Screen,” the critic Vivian Sobchack writes about how the massive cultural infusion of movies, video games, and computers have altered the way we see ourselves in the world and even the way we interact with one another. Wherever we go in public, there is a constant barrage of moving pictures that are trying to communicate something to us, often in a repetitious manner. Our “presence” in the world is shaped and constricted by these images.
Sobchack inherits an argument made by Heidegger that technology is not merely used but also uses. While something like the wheel, for example, made life much more convenient it also altered our patterns of behaviour. It helped create roads and shape the ways people went from one town to the next, and how they thought of themselves. Likewise, Sobchack argues, modern technology—often represented or played out on a screen—has created enormous possibilities for entertainment and convenience, but also altered our way of existence and how we see ourselves in this world.
One of main Sobchack’s main points is that this technology may be making us more superficial. Just as photographs took the subject out of time and fixed his or her immediate image in one place to be observed forever, so might the endless imaging and recording of our world do the same to us. She seems be very critical of this idea or at least to believe that it is happening without us really realizing it. Read More
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