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Since decades, experts have been proposing different theories and approaches to acquire success in the professional career, and today, in the era of economic recession, individuals are striving and putting every aspect of their efforts to keep employment in their hands. In such…
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The relationship among professional values, ethics and career success
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Running Head: Values, Ethics, & Career Success Values, Ethics, & Career Success [Institute’s Values, Ethics, & Career Success Since decades, experts have been proposing different theories and approaches to acquire success in the professional career, and today, in the era of economic recession, individuals are striving and putting every aspect of their efforts to keep employment in their hands. In such time, it is a huge debate whether values and ethics have any role in career success or not, and whether employees practicing professional values and ethics at jobs have been beneficial or not. In such a debate, studies (Wines, 2006) have indicated two schools of thought regarding this issue, as some have argued that on long-term perspective; it is very essential and imperative to perform tasks while implementing professional values and remain ethical in the organization.
Experts have noticed that employers seek to hire individuals with professional values. However, a number of adversaries (O’Donovan-Polten, 2001) of this school of thought have argued that in today’s business world, it has become very difficult to remain ethical, as managers and employers incline employees to perform some jobs while setting aside professional or ethical values in order to acquire more revenues. In this regard, employees end up in acting unethically to satisfy managers and employers that is a critical issue in this debate as whether tasks with unethical considerations performed for managers and employers will fall under professional values or not.
It is an observation that a number of individuals focus on satisfying managers and employers personally rather than fulfilling the organizational tasks, in order to acquire quick promotion and personal benefits. Unfortunately, abovementioned has been the usual practice at jobs that deteriorated the professional values that were once essential for acquiring and maintaining jobs (Wines, 2006). In other words, experts have witnessed a transformation in the category of professional values that now focuses more on employer/manager’s satisfaction rather than fulfillment of organizational objectives and mission.
At the same time, many optimists (O’Donovan-Polten, 2001) in the society believe that ethical values play a significant role in success of any career. Some experts have indicated that it is important for an individual to remain ethical in order to perform his/her job in an efficient manner, as once an employee remained unethical, he/she will end up being the same in the future as well, reducing the chances of getting success. However, it has now become very important for employers to remain ethical and professional in order to encourage their employers to be the same in the organization.
Still, there is no doubt that professional values, ethics, and career’s success are in a triangle, and two factors play a definite role in acquiring and maintaining the third state in a continuous and long-term manner. For example, if an employee will be ethical and successful in his career, it is obvious that he will be valuing his professional principles. Similarly, if an employee values his professional principles, and at the same time, is ethical, it is probable that he will be successful in his career in an enduring manner. Thus, the three notions enjoy a sound relationship with each other; however, employers play a crucial role in maintaining and encouraging this association, and their ethics and practices will be crucial in deciding future status of this relationship.
O’Donovan-Polten, Sheelagh. (2001). the Scales of Success. University of Toronto Press.
Wines, William A. (2006). Ethics, laws, and business. Routledge. Read More
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