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Seperate Subjects, 1 page each - Essay Example

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Statistics can be used to understand the key sectors in an economy so as to help in controlling the inflation rate that may arise from within or outside a country. Inflation can affect many organizations within a country if the prices of inputs go up. Multivariate variance…
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Seperate Subjects, 1 page each
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Download file to see previous pages Through exploration of these ratios using statistics, can help in limiting the inter-industry effect of inflation. Statistics also help in giving data in a summary form the prices of foreign currencies. This information is useful in controlling inflation rate from outside the country, and thus leads to the success of domestic industries.
Statistics are helpful when doing comparison of different economy sectors or organizations Sai Ram Centre for Financial Management Research, 2006). Multinational Companies carry out Research and Development (R&D) to determine their share of R&D in foreign countries. By comparing the ratios, the MNCs are able understand which sector or organization to give more effort in terms of resources, or which country to increase their share of R&D. This has boosted many business organizations as R&D has helped to come up with innovative means of doing business Sai Ram Centre for Financial Management Research, 2006).
To increase shareholder value in an organization, correlation is used to quantify association of the shareholder value and the earnings per share or net income. Statistics are important in valuation and monitoring of business operational alternatives (Narayanan, 2004). From previously recorded statistics a manger can alter or adjust a business strategy. However, in making decision regarding the shareholder value, the share price should not be used to make decision as this has no causation relationship with the shareholder value (Glene, 2003).
Scenario forecasting is important in any organization that wishes to have a successful planning in future. Scenario forecast prompts team members in an organization to think outside the box by trying to anticipate dynamics that may affect business activities or the team. Scenario forecast goes past simple, straight-line extrapolation of the project performance of a company to portray how different factors interact to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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