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This is an internal issue and is not up to the usual paperwork and processing outcomes generally provided by the team. This could be due to breakdowns in communications in the…
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Team Meeting Regarding Delivery Problems
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October 26, 2009 Project Team Project Team Leader Breakdown in Delivery Time Due to Customs Delay Ongoing representative complaints have alerted the project team leader to a problem with paperwork. This is an internal issue and is not up to the usual paperwork and processing outcomes generally provided by the team. This could be due to breakdowns in communications in the project or simply due to policy errors which require identification quickly. This is a tremendous problem and could seriously impact sales volumes and, in a worst case scenario, even job security for everyone on the team.
Customs is halting deliveries across international borders and the complaints suggest the problem is with how paperwork is being completed for cross-border shipments. Customs officials have identified that key information is missing from some paperwork coming from the business such as dates, signatures, or even the correct labels which identify contents on packaging. These are human errors and, if discovered to be the problem, should be easily corrected with the team’s ability to conduct internal process analyses.
Team members are invited to bring with them, to the meeting, ideas on how to solve the paperwork problem with customs and also satisfy our clients. The new market in Canada will bring better sales revenues and provide more job opportunities for team members who can perform to policy expectations. Together, as a business unit, we can discover what process errors are causing delivery delays and improve the customs packaging and paperwork systems.
I appreciate your dedication and your historical accomplishments in the project which have always led to business success. This new market is vital to the business and this issue requires a rapid response. Please attend the meeting with a few proposals on the problem. Read More
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