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TV Character Evaluation - Essay Example

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Sigmund Freud developed an entirely different perspective on human behavior and he remains to be the most influential among the psychodynamic theorists. For years, psychology has been focusing only on consciousness, but he changed the way and focused on the unconscious and…
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TV Character Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages The ego operates as a psychic mechanism that is partially conscious partly preconscious. It controls pour thinking, reasoning, judging and evaluating functions. The super ego functions like a moral controller that is not present at birth. Because, children do whatever which is pleasurable to them. Super ego controls ego’s activities as well (Morris and Maisto, 2002, p 419-420).
Morris and Maisto (2002) stated that Carl Jung’s analytical psychology concept agrees with some of the tenets of Freud’s theory, but, it is still different in many other ways. According to Carl Jung’s most original concept Collective Unconscious, the memories and behavior pattern are inherited from past generations and hence it is shared by all humans (p.424).
Carl Jung’s theory emphasizes that human mind creates a common set of concepts or ‘archetypes’ like ‘mother’ and ‘hero’ and these have almost same images throughout human minds and these appear in our mind as typical mental or mythical images. He recognized people as either extroverts who concern the external worlds or introverts who concern more about their own private worlds. He also divided people as rational individuals who regulate their things by thinking and feeling and irrational individuals who do things based on their perceptions (Morris and Maisto, 2005, p 424-425).
Carl Roger theorized that people develop their personalities in a positive service goal. Carl Roger identified ‘self actualizing tendency’ which is the tendency of human mind to become the best of what ever a particular person’s innate capacities born with. He argued that self actualization characterizes animals and plants as well (Morris and Maisto, 2002, p 424-425).
According to him, when one’s self actualization is fully matched with innate capacities, he is fully functioning person. People tend to become fully functioning when they are more likely to be treated with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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