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Ground water contamination issue due to the use of septic tanks in Monroe County Florida (Florida Keys) - Research Paper Example

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While Florida Keys has Gulf of Mexico on one side and Atlantic Ocean on the other side, it covers a vast area of around 150 mile starting from the southern tip of the state. It is rich in the natural coral reef and marine habitats that face the real environmental threat due to…
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Ground water contamination issue due to the use of septic tanks in Monroe County Florida (Florida Keys)
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Extract of sample "Ground water contamination issue due to the use of septic tanks in Monroe County Florida (Florida Keys)"

Download file to see previous pages Due to the rapid development of the area, the permanent living population for the area has grown to around 85000, against that of almost 10000 living there a few decades back. This along with the incoming tourist rush has put real pressure on the infrastructure of the area, particularly its human sewage disposal program. Several studies conducted during the recent past have shown the evidence of seepage from human sewage to the living area of coral reef. This has been mainly due to the leakages from outdated or mismatched septic tanks and cesspits.
Although around 30% of the resident population is served by the central sewerage system, others depend on the network of outdated septic tanks and cesspits. Although, funds are being organized to repair and replace the sewage system by the US Congress in consultation with resident locality members, United States Environmental Protection Agency, South Florida Water management District and Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority; the total cost to rectify the system would range from around 554 million to 1.1 billion dollars.
The main hesitation from the local residents to update their sewage system arises due to the unaffordable cost involved, which can go up to $ 10000 to $20000 for each unit, while everyone is keen to clean their mess, as they are aware of its damage to the coral reef and marine environment. Hence govt. help or subsidy is nessary.........(Key Sewage, CBS Radio Network)
While the point source of water pollution refers to the industrial pollutants, the non point sources of pollution affect Florida Keys area, as it has very few sewage disposal or treatment systems that are needed by any urban landscape. The non point sources of pollution also include sediments from construction sites, fertilizers or other agriculture products, bacteria from livestock as well as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Ground Water Contamination Issue Due to the Use of Septic Tanks in Research Paper)
Ground Water Contamination Issue Due to the Use of Septic Tanks in Research Paper.
“Ground Water Contamination Issue Due to the Use of Septic Tanks in Research Paper”, n.d.
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