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Marketing with additional research and reference - Case Study Example

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Brand equity, according to Duncan is comprised of five elements: “proprietary brand assets, brand name awareness, brand association, perceived brand quality, and brand loyalty (2005).” Starbucks has created its brand equity by its proprietary brand assets—the trademark…
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Marketing Case Study with additional research and reference
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Download file to see previous pages As for the brand association, the company has positioned Starbucks store as the third place after home, and school or work, where high quality gourmet coffee is served and is available also for retail purchase. All this positioning is communicated through all the companys marketing efforts, where it builds the perceived brand quality—the layout of its stores, great customer service by friendly and knowledgeable crews, the taste of coffee, as well as extra perks that it offers such as free Internet access or sockets for electronic equipments such as laptops (Schultz 2009). All these four constitute the elements that make up a Starbucks customers loyalty. This is how Starbucks create brand equity.
The Asian market promises more opportunities for growth than Europe. For one, the emerging markets are in Asia, and as these new economies grow, opportunities for foreign expansion also emerge as buyer powers increase (refer to the case). Most Asian markets are also open to the Western lifestyle (refer to the case). Because Europeans have longer history which is embedded in their culture as regards the way coffee is consumed such as in countries like Austria and Italy, the Asian market seems more attractive (refer to the case).
Among the countries in Asia, Singapore seems to be the most viable country to enter, as Starbucks pose for its market entry in the region (refer to the case). In the mid-1990s, Singapore is the third largest economy in Asia, just after Japan and Brunei. Apart from having a high per capita income in the region, Singaporeans also like American products, which can give Starbucks a distinct advantage (refer to the case). Also, with the emergence of coffeehouses in the country, introducing the coffee lifestyle that Starbucks offer is no longer an issue, which otherwise could have incurred the company ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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