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The wordings used in poems have deep meanings and are enough to enlighten the ignored feelings, things and matters. Poems give the feelings of pleasure, comfort, courage, wisdom and joy. This paper further…
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Poems and Feelings
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Poems and Feelings” Poems are thoughts and insight of people described in beautiful words. The wordings used in poems have deep meanings and are enough to enlighten the ignored feelings, things and matters. Poems give the feelings of pleasure, comfort, courage, wisdom and joy. This paper further gives examples to describe how and what feelings arise when I read them
In his poem “Lying in a Hammock at William Duffys Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota “, James Wright reveal attractive scenes of a village that can be admired by everyone. Actually natural beauty is the one which attracts everyone towards itself. A man can spend whole life among such hills and can never exhaust from them but every time he finds these scenes much more beautiful than before. The poet in the last line says:
I have wasted my life.
This point of view really collapses with my view because nature is the thing which God has filled with love and affection. The poem develops the feelings of love and admiration towards nature and the beauties it has created for us.
Having read this poem “Lost sister” I realized the importance of moral values, culture and tradition. Here the poet describes two types of women. Both are brought up in same culture but one of them chooses her life to spend in her native culture but the second chooses American disrupt culture.
the stone that in the far fields
could moisten the dry season,
could make men move mountains
for the healing green of the inner hills
glistening like a slice of winter melon.
In my opinion the well cultured and traditional women desire more respect and honor than the one who is running in the social race of life with man because cultural lady can be seen but cannot be heard. On the other hand, the other women prefer freedom over respect. This poem enhances my inclination towards the traditional and cultural ladies, who spend their whole lives for the sake of family.
In the poem invisible mending, the poetess describes about three old ladies. She exclaimed that they always remained busy in their work, in spite of being so much old. Their hands become hard, eyes become keen but they still work hard untiringly. According to the poetess:
Their hands as hard as horn,
their eyes as keen as steel,
the threads they worded with
must have seemed as thick …
This poem has increased the regard in my heart for old people to whom we do not give so much attention but actually they are experienced and learned people and can transfer all such knowledge of life in our personalities. This poem also develops my self esteem and courage to achieve my goals through hard work regardless of the difficulties.
As I read the poem “A Blessing” written by James Wright, I feel that God perfects the nature by its creature. According to me love is gifted by nature and it is embedded in human heart. It is the love that penetrates into the soul of human live till the last breath of life. Love is completely associated with beauty or in other words beauty attracts itself and develops the feelings of love and affection.
According to me God creates the beautiful nature in the expense of love. It provides a feeling of pleasure and comfort to mind and soul and it remains in thoughts for a long time. It also proves to be a source of joy and happiness even in private also. In my opinion as the poet describes about two ponies, these are also a beautiful and innocent creature of God which generates a feeling of love and affection. They express the beauty of nature by different activities like shying, gazing, rippling and much more which of course can compel anyone to love them. Read More
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