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Land's end case - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The company places an emphasis on its good will and reputation to the extent that it operates on a dual value system. Lands’ End values the quality of its goods and their…
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Lands end case
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Extract of sample "Land's end case"

Lands’ End Lands’ End internet shopping is an area which could be pivotal to the success of the company. The company places an emphasis on its good will and reputation to the extent that it operates on a dual value system. Lands’ End values the quality of its goods and their customers. To this end the emphasis is on establishing good consumer relations and good relations with the supplier of its good. Ultimately, Lands’ End endeavors to ensure that the quality of their goods and services are distinguished from those of other catalogue marketers. There is a danger that unless the internet shopping is not marketed and conducted in a way that distinguishes it from other catalogue marketers, the quality of its goods and services may be compromised.
That said, it is important for Lands’ End to actively engage in the internet shopping scene because it is conducive with today’s interconnected, technology driven world. One of the most important reasons for engaging in internet shopping is the consumers and buyers in general are more amenable to a vendor who provides information relative to available products, relevant specifications, price, shipping methods, and other information in a timely manner. The internet provides for the instantaneous exchange of information. It therefore follows that it is entirely necessary for Lands’ End to continue to develop its internet shopping facilities otherwise it will lose out on a large market sector. Millions of consumers worldwide either shop online or look for information about products and services online before shopping for or purchasing a product.
In addition, the internet shopping, with its propensity to negotiate sales instantaneously and to process a purchase immediately, not only cuts time but also cuts cost. It is therefore follows that in light of the economic downturn and the highly competitive nature of sales in goods and services, cutting cost in some areas of marketing is essential to Lands’ End’s success. With time and costs cut, Lands’ End will have the capacity to reach more consumers. Moreover, internet services provides Lands’ End with a unique and inexpensive marketing tool. By going online and providing information about its services, Lands’ End is marketing its product in remote locations by foregoing the costs of having to dispatch an advertising campaign to various places around the globe.
The internet shopping provides Lands’ End with the ability to attract more customers with minimal costs. The fact is, many businesses are taking advantage of these advantages and benefits offered by the internet and as such Lands’ End will face possible loss of the market share if it is not a successful part of the internet shopping community.
In light of these considerations, Lands’ End is on the right track with its internet shopping offerings and the efforts it is making to ensure the timely and efficient transmission of product information. At this stage, it is important for Lands’ End to continue to engage in private exchange so as not to make its products and services appear generic. Moreover, Lands’ end prides itself on being customer friendly. It will not accord with Lands’ End’s customer friendly ambience if it were to hire an independent e-market place.
The danger with the e-market place is that they do not represent individual interests. They represent collective interests. Therefore if Lands’ End were to engage the services of an independent market place, it would not only lose that personal interaction with its online customers, but it will be difficult to distinguish Lands’ End from the other traders represented and marketed by the e-market place. So while it is important for Lands’ End to pursue its internet shopping ambitions, it is very important that these pursuits be tailored to the company’s vision for uniqueness and the high value its places on customer service. Read More
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(Land'S End Case Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Land'S End Case Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Land'S End Case Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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