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Gender Ad Paper - Essay Example

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The advertisement illustrates a professional businesswoman, who is passing through a construction work environment and has, much…
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Gender Ad Paper
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Extract of sample "Gender Ad Paper"

HERE HERE YOUR HERE HERE Gender Ad The advertisement being discussed in this paper can be found at the following link: The advertisement illustrates a professional businesswoman, who is passing through a construction work environment and has, much to her dismay and confusion, found herself wound up in the chain and hook stemming from a construction crane. During the course of this event, her professional blazer has been torn open, exposing only her bra. To her left, a construction worker is seen admiring the woman and looks to be as shocked by her scenario as the woman herself. The advertisement is for the bra and clearly illustrates a strong gender message of women as somewhat weak and the object of sexual desire.
This message was purposefully created by the Wonderbra company, which looks to be a layout for presentation within a magazine. It is brilliantly detailed in solid colors, looking almost like a retro advertisement for a 1950’s woman, however caught in a contemporary scenario in the construction environment. The visual image of the hook catching her professional outfit to expose her underlying bra indicates that the crane operator was likely appealing to his own desires to view the unclothed female body and had deliberately snagged her outfit just to catch a peek. Again, this illustrates that the female consumer can be dominated by men in a very stereotypical role of the passerby being whistled at by lustful and isolated construction workers.
The audience for this advertisement, interestingly, is actually for women in an effort to sell more bras to consumers. This would indicate that the company is attempting to create a connection with more subordinate women who might be thrilled by being caught in a similar experience. This would represent marketing which is attempting to relate to women who are business professionals who, in their personal lives, might enjoy a more risqué social situation such as being the object of sexual desire in a construction environment. The message being sent in this ad clearly identifies women as being sexual and somewhat provocative, which is enhanced by the male worker mesmerized by the woman’s plight. He looks as though he is posed to come to her rescue, which again highlights a gender message being sent which makes women appear to be the less-dominant gender in need of masculine assistance. Clearly, sexuality is on the forefront of this advertisement. Read More
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(Gender Ad Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Gender Ad Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Gender Ad Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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