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In this part, a sculpture of Darth Vader’s head, perhaps the only one of its kind, stood as a decorative image. The sculpture…
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Why a current television show or movie is so popular
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Why Star Wars is so popular? High above the Washington National Cathedral’s northwest tower, there stood an interesting curiosity that most people would be surprised to know. In this part, a sculpture of Darth Vader’s head, perhaps the only one of its kind, stood as a decorative image. The sculpture found its way in the edifice when the cathedral’s developers hold a decorative competition in the 1980 wherein children has to come up with the face of evil. Apparently, face of Star Wars villain won.
This fact, among other indicators, underscores how the Star Wars movie franchise has emerged to be not just one of the most popular (it is ranked within the top ten biggest grosser of all time) but one artifact that have crept in our consciousness and embedded itself as a lingering icon of modern culture.
Why the popularity?
In a study of the movie, several obvious elements can be seen why the masses embraced Star Wars in an almost cult-like manner. The movie appealed both to children and adults alike because of the combination of the superhero tale and science fiction.
For children, there is the story about a boy who became a hero by fighting his own shadow. The narrative is reminiscent of the plotlines that have made myths and fairy tales endure for ages such as the Greek Odyssey. There are several elements, including those that are symbolic, that are present to appeal to the young minds – the robots, Princess Leia, loyal friends, the mystical Jedi knights, amazing locales and gadgets, epical adventures, etc.
For adults, the fiction depicting the struggle between good and evil and its science fiction genre proved tantalizing. Then, there were the mature themes of politics and religion, which explored value and meaning in life. The spectacular graphics and epic storytelling communicated to adult preference as well. This appeal is pivotal to the success of the movie.
As the movie combined all the pulp fiction genres and stepped into the mythological narrative traditions, people flocked to the theaters. Star Wars was able to introduce a “family movie” wherein parents and children go, watch and enjoy the movie together. Family outings would have been unthinkable during the golden age of Hollywood.
Star Wars is an embodiment of the rise of pop culture in the modern world. Today’s generation look to the media – television, movies and electronic games – not just for entertainment but solace amid a world of busy people, stressed and working parents. As with the other artifacts of the pop culture, the content of Star Wars became for the young generation a pool of references, ideas, ideals that they could learn and identify with. Furthermore, the movie was a cultural and spiritual experience as well, one that is related to the advances in technology, the state of family life and the changes in the structure of religion, economy and politics, in which adults could relate to because these transpired in their childhood and youth.
All these variables contributed to the popularity of Star Wars movies. The franchise has endured for more than a decade, spanning generations of audiences. The universality of its themes and the attraction of its spiritual and social contents allowed it to defy time and demographics. Read More
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