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A small scale survey of centres for children and families’ integrated services found a good to satisfactory rating for nineteen out of twenty centres. All but one centre met parental requirements for childcare support; however overall, the study concluded that the centres had…
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Reading and Writing with Clarity
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PART A A small scale survey of centres for children and families’ integrated services found a good to satisfactory rating for nineteen out of twenty centres. All but one centre met parental requirements for childcare support; however overall, the study concluded that the centres had a positive impact on children’s social and communication skills, providing better preparation for school.
The survey further concluded that the integrated services were particularly beneficial to ethnic communities and children with special educational needs where specialist health professionals were provided. Additionally, the quality of services was found to promote community integration and foster closer relationships between staff, children and parents by stimulating new child rearing practices.
(a) This sentence is incorrect as the sentence structure implies that the dog should be put in a plastic bag. Therefore a suggested correct alternative is:
If a dog fouls the playground, you must use a poop-scoop to put the dog’s waste into a plastic bag.
b) The sentence is incorrect because the word “each” is singular and therefore reference to “members” and “are” is incorrect. Therefore, the correct alternative is:
Each staff member is required to complete the form.
c) The sentence structure is fragmented and the alternative is:

The procedures are enclosed for staff use and are coloured grey.
d) The correct sentence is:
The report requires all head teachers to devise a suitable system.
e) The sentence is incorrect in failing to insert an apostrophe to denote subject. Therefore the correct sentence is:
The small pupil’s identification number is shown below.
f) The word “design” is singular and therefore the use of the word “are” is incorrect:
The design of computer systems is always carried out by qualified engineers.
g) Correct sentence:
The team has had many meetings and recommends the following action.
h) Correct sentence:
The school that won the competition cheated.
i) Correct sentence:
The teacher worked over the weekend to complete the plan
j) Correct sentence:
Teachers who use this assessment frequently identify problems at an early stage Read More
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Reading and Writing With Clarity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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