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Making the case for employee wellbeing in a manufacturing organisation - Thesis Proposal Example

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Even if an organization has implemented machineries widely, in order to reduce manual works, for controlling these machineries manpower is essential. So employees or…
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Making the case for employee wellbeing in a manufacturing organisation
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Extract of sample "Making the case for employee wellbeing in a manufacturing organisation"

Employee wellbeing in a manufacturing organization Employees are the asset of an organization and no organization can functions without the help of some employees. Even if an organization has implemented machineries widely, in order to reduce manual works, for controlling these machineries manpower is essential. So employees or the workforce can be considered as the dynamic entity which gives life to an organization. In the absence of employees an organization can be considered as a dead organization. The wellbeing of the organization is depends on the wellbeing of the employees since only the satisfied and employees will contribute heavily to the productivity of an organization. This paper briefly looks into the importance of employee wellness for a large manufacturing organization.
In a large manufacturing organization, the employees function like the rings in a chain. As we know, if any one ring goes out of order or damaged in a chain the strength and cohesion of the chain will be lost. Same way in a large manufacturing organization the production processes are linked together. For example consider a tire manufacturing unit which normally may have three divisions; mixing, building and curing. If the mixing people fail to deliver the product in time, tire building will be affected whereas if the building people fail to complete their duties in time curing will be affected. Thus all the employees in a manufacturing unit complement each other in order to attain maximum productivity.
“In situations where pressures to work longer hours are higher, where employees feel overloaded and where managers place stronger demands on personal time, employees are likely to experience greater dissatisfaction with their jobs, higher stress and fatigue, and greater work—life imbalance. (Macky, 2008) Employees under stress or bad health condition may underperform in an organization which will adversely affect an organization especially a big manufacturing organization. If one of the employees deliberately slows down things, it can affect the entire production activities of the unit.
So there is nothing wrong in organizations investing heavily for developing or improving the facilities for the workforce at workplaces. Employees should feel a deep relationship with the organization in order to avoid unnecessary absenteeism or taking unnecessary sick leaves. If the employee considers the organization as his own, then he may refrain from activities which negatively affect the organization for which he is working. But in order to develop such deep relationship with the organization, the employees must be treated properly by the organization. They should never feel that the organization is exploiting them by giving them hard work and low wages. Organizations must ready to take actions for improving the labor conditions at their workplaces and also to improve the living standards of the employees by properly rewarding them with competitive salary packages and other benefits.
In short, employee wellness is an essential element for an organization to grow properly especially for a big manufacturing unit.
1. Macky Keith, (2008), High-involvement work processes, work intensification and
employee well-being: A study of New Zealand worker experiences, Retrieved on 06 October 2009 from Read More
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