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The internet has grown to such extents that any and all information are now available in it. This paper will discuss two websites that are available for career development and as a career resource. The two websites that will…
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Extract of sample "INTERNET ASSIGNMENT"

Date of Submission: XX – XX – 2009
The Internet as a Career Resource
Internet has become a major factor in all our lives. The internet has grown to such extents that any and all information are now available in it. This paper will discuss two websites that are available for career development and as a career resource. The two websites that will be discussed here are and
The first website in focus is ‘’. The website has been developed to provide the individuals as well as employers with a chance to access the various jobs available and other career related items of interest. The website is simple has been classified into two main areas, i.e. personal and employer sections. The individuals have a wide range of options which include the ‘Salary – Wizard ®’, job searches, education and a blog where there are career advancement articles. The best feature of this website is that it allows the users to gain a better understanding of their worth in the industry and the salary that they can expect for their current position. The website also provides excellent tips in the articles to help individuals improve their skills and education. This website has been designed to assist both the prospective employees and employers equally (, 2009).
The website however does lack one element which is extremely essential and can be a bigger source of income for the website as well (, 2009). In the education section for individuals, if the website did provide links to universities and organizations which provide the training this would be beneficial for all, the individual, the website and the university stated. I would definitely recommend this site to all my friends simply because of the wide area that it covers. Being a student myself, I understand the need for career development and career advancement assistance. This website proves to be helpful for career advancement, and also to assist people to realize their worth in the market. Hence I would definitely recommend this site to others.
This website has been developed with a major focus on only ‘law related’ jobs. The main audiences for this website are people in the law field. The website does cater to the needs of a niche of the market and provides the individuals with experience and education in the law field. The website has been developed with a very simple design, however the information on the website is not organized and there is an influx of information, which creates a chaos on the website. The website can clearly be improved with a bettered design and a more organized structure. There is a lot of useful information, however due to the lack of a strong well developed structure this is being overlooked (, 2009).
As the name suggests the website is focused on a niche market, i.e. law professional. I would not recommend this website to others as the structure is very chaotic and requires serious changes and improvements. I would however definitely provide friends in the field with the exact links to the information that might be useful for them. Overall the website is very helpful for professionals in the field of law.
Other Websites:
A few other useful websites include,,, and which solely provide career development information and assistance. All of these websites have been designed to assist the graduate students find jobs and also help them progress in their careers. Also these websites are not aimed at single professions but are aimed at a niche, i.e. graduate students. The websites are beneficial as they provide individuals with the available jobs, and also career related articles which can help them improve their skills. The websites however lack interactivity and can be improved to provide the individuals with a more interactive solution where the individuals can post comments or even have discussions. I would definitely recommend all of the above mentioned websites to others as the information available is very helpful for the career development process.
The Internet include numerous websites which deal with career development and assist individuals find the right job and also get reports on where they actually stand in the markets in terms of their salary. With such easy access to so much useful information, career development is now becoming relatively much simpler than in the past.
References: (2009). Home Page. Retrieved October 1, 2009, from (2009). Home Page. Retrieved October 1, 2009, from (2009). Career Advancement Articles. Retrieved October 1, 2009, from Read More
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INTERNET ASSIGNMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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