Atonement in the views of Anselm and Abelard - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This definition already indicates some of the peculiarities of the subject. Calling theology an intellectual discipline involves the claim that theology has…
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Atonement in the views of Anselm and Abelard
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Download file to see previous pages suggests a kinship with a whole range of varied scientific enterprises designated by similarly formed words—geology, psychology, topology, and the like. Nevertheless, the fact that there are also pseudosciences such as astrology with similarly formed names may give us pause. Indeed, when the definition of theology goes on to say that the subject deals with the content of a religious faith; a sharp distinction seems to be made between theology and the recognized secular sciences. (Atonement 1)
Atonement is the act of effecting reconciliation with another person or persons who have been alienated by offense or injury. It also signifies the means used to effect such reconciliation. Atonement has traditionally been one of the central themes of the Christian doctrine and proclamation. The idea of atonement has played an important role in the Christian spirituality as well. However, there is no binding old-church decision on the doctrine of atonement. In this regard it differs, for example, from the doctrine of Trinity and the doctrine of Christ’s dual nature. (Atonement 1)
In classical Christian theology, the discourse of atonement has been related to the idea that the natural state of human beings is unsatisfactory when compared with the divine aim for them. This state is associated with various ills in this life and hereafter. In the present life, they are above all sin, death and suffering. The ultimate ills hereafter are eternal punishment in hell and proceed towards eternal separation from God. Christian theologians have regarded atonement as the divine means of improving the state of human beings and especially in saving them from eternal damnation.
Although theological traditions agree that the natural state of human beings after the Fall is unsatisfactory, they disagree with respect to its detailed interpretation. Despite the differences, there are certain terms that are much applied in this context such as sin, evil, passion, punishment, satisfaction, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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