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Marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes - Essay Example

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1) The use of marijuana has been prohibited in the United States since 1937 as it has been classified as a dangerous drug. However, recent researches and scientific…
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Marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes
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Extract of sample "Marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes"

Download file to see previous pages States and other foreign countries have relaxed policies on prohibition of this plant. A large number of the U.S. population clamors for its legalization because of their need for the medical plant. 3) Economic benefits will be derived by the government in its implementation
The use of marijuana was declared illegal under Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. The historical account on “Why Marijuana is illegal” showed the reasons to be “racism, fear, and protection of corporate profits, yellow journalism, ignorant, incompetent, and/or corrupt legislators, personal career advancement and greed”.(Pete Warrant) Mathre, Marlyn who completed a study on the medicinal value of marijuana, referred to same reasons for 1937 Act. The events that took place are told below.
Nothing has been mentioned that marijuana was illegal because of some dangerous effects found by the medical science and prohibition was made to protect the citizens. The plant was considered an important crop during 1600s because it was used as rope, food, incense, cloth and for other economic uses. Planting of the crop was encouraged at that time. Racism was the primary reason it was prohibited in California when in 1900s, Black Americans and traveling Mormons were found using it for smoke. Other states just followed this prohibition. Ignorance could also be stated as one of the reasons here that even without proper justification, a Senator made a generalized statement saying “that all Mexicans are crazy because of smoking marijuana”. Another ground was “Yellow Journalism” that spread exaggerated and fearful stories on Black Americans using the stuff to benefit readership of their newspapers; like saying that marijuana was linked to brutal behavior of users. William Randolf Hearst, the owner of the newspapers just hated Mexicans which was due to racism, plus the fact that he saw the hemp as a fierce competition to his timber plantation. Personal career and advancement were also the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... to legalization of marijuana. In other words, medical science neither completely opposes, nor it completely opposes the legalization of marijuana use in America. This is because of the fact that marijuana is a drug which can be used constructively and destructively. In the case of patients who are suffering from chronic pain and agony, controlled use of marijuana is advisable whereas continuous use of marijuana in an uncontrolled fashion would result in marijuana addiction. “In November 1996, California voters passed Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act, which allows patients to cultivate and use marijuana for medicinal purposes with the written or oral recommendation of a doctor” (Khatapoush & Hallfors, 2004, p.752). Marijuana use...
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... revenue for New York in terms of taxes. According to Mr. Savino, 39 senators will go to support this legislation which should be enough for getting approval of the senate. Different organizations are conducting different public opinion polls for understanding people’s thinking about the whole development related with legalizing of medicinal marijuana. A poll was conducted in Siena College. It showed that 51% is supporting the wide spread usage of legalizing medical marijuana. 26% of the students are the limited plan suggested by Cuomos the Governor of New York. 21% of the student also said that it should not be used at all for the medicinal purposes (Walker, 45-52). Parents and lawmakers are very much concerned regarding legalization...
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How has Medical Marijuana Affected the Economy of the United States

The UN report of 2004 shows that approximately 4% of the world’s adult consumes Marijuana annually which is still rising with every passing day.
In the year 2002, a medical review claimed that Marijuana has a great potential for curing different problems like inflammatory bowel diseases, migraine, glaucoma, asthma, colorectal cancer, depression, Hepatitis C and many more. Keeping its positive values in mind, there is a great pressure on the government of U.S. to legalize it thoroughly as there would be another positive effect on the U.S economy. After coming up with a fact that marijuana is as productive as any other drug, then a question arises that why not to legalize it for medical purposes which would also support...
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Legalization of Medicinal Marijuana

However, 20 states approve and control its medicinal use. However, this is not enough and the number needs to be raised to 50. It is imperative to understand that the Federal government often continues to put into effect its proscription in these states. The government has over the year’s maximized fear as well as uncertainty regarding the legalization of the drug by the federal government. This paper is going to discuss why Marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes.
In the year 1972, the United States Congress placed Marijuana in Schedule 1 of the controlled substances Act because they considered having no accepted medical use (Shohov, 2003). However, since then this notion has been disagreed with as various...
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Why Marijuana Should Be Declared Legal in the United States

This paper will critically consider whether marijuana should be declared legal in the United States.
Marijuana, scientifically known as Cannabis sativa has existed in the united states since the 19th century. This is to means that, it has been a common plant in many regions of the United States. Initially, marijuana also referred to as hemp had multiple purposes, including the weaving of different materials (Caulkins et al, 2012). Moreover, it was used as a preferred incense and also as a food source. However, marijuana only became known as a recreational drug that was the center of public opinion in the 1990s despite its use in a couple of centuries.

In the 19th century, marijuana became a common preference for ma...
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...Legalize Medical Marijuana Marijuana is one of the most common substances that are consumed all over the planet and despite its being illegal in many places, it has still remained popular. While this may be the case, it has been found that marijuana also has some very critical medicinal properties which are believed might revolutionize the treatment of some diseases. The fact that marijuana is one of the illegal substances which have medicinal properties should automatically make it legalized for the purpose of ensuring that it is used by doctors in a manner which is beneficial to their patients. However, this has not happened and this is because of the fact that many governments still believe that marijuana is a harmful substance...
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A study had been conducted for 25 years by Duke University and other institutions. This study disclosed that heavy marijuana use could cause permanent cognitive damage to adolescents. Moreover, individuals who had been diagnosed as being marijuana dependent had depicted a decline in their intelligence quotient (Moyer 19). This decline was not set right with the discontinuance of cannabis use in adulthood.
Moreover, in the US the rate of smoking tobacco has come down significantly, among teenagers. However, this has been offset by a substantial increase in the number of people smoking cannabis. In addition, several of these teenagers believe that smoking cannabis is less harmful than smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol (Moyer...
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Perceptions of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana abuse/dependence was not more prevalent among marijuana users in these states (OR: 1.03; 95% CI: 0.67-1.60), suggesting that the higher risk for marijuana abuse/dependence in these states was accounted for by higher rates of use. In NSDUH, states that legalized medical marijuana also had higher rates of marijuana use. The researchers collected data through qualitative interviews using a convenience and snowball sample of 28 medical marijuana patients and producers in Michigan. 19 were “regular” patients and 9 were producers or “Caregivers” under Michigan law. Twenty-three individuals who were using CTP for a range of health problems took part in semi-structured interviews. Transcribed...

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