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Choose an international political, economic, military, health, environment topic that interests you---something in today's news, something you are studying in a class, something that concerns you. Do NOT choose a purely domestic US issue to solve - Essay Example

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This problem is of increasing importance when one considers the theory of the greenhouse effect, in which these pollutants and carbon dioxide produced do not simply burn off, but become trapped within the earth’s atmosphere, creating, according to many…
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Choose an international political, economic, military, health, environment topic that interests you---something in todays news, something you are studying in a class, something that concerns you. Do NOT choose a purely domestic US issue to solve
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"Choose an international political, economic, military, health, environment topic that interests you---something in today's news, something you are studying in a class, something that concerns you. Do NOT choose a purely domestic US issue to solve"

Download file to see previous pages tprint, as well as being more socially responsible and ecologically conscious in their choices: global warming is not merely a profit issue, and the stakeholders are humanity.
The problem with mainstream energy sources used by most companies currently existing on the power grid is that they release carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the atmosphere; how can companies be more socially responsible about this issue of air pollution and combat associated issues such as global warming, while still maintaining a cost-effective stance?
The actions of green building include turning the company’s physical plant into the focus of environmental awareness. Companies in the materials industry are, like the building and construction industries, increasingly paying attention to building green, both from a consumer demand perspective and from a cost-effectiveness perspective of the building industry. Of course the environmentalist perspective goes without saying. Benefits through building green can include improvements to lighting systems, HVAC controls, and the building envelope of insulation and windows, which can also lead to long-term cost savings. However, from a risk perspective, the short term expense of green building can be prohibitive, because many of the materials are more expensive than traditional building materials, and credit programs can be complicated. Employees are also not inherently involved.
The action of the employee contract is a written agreement between the company and the employee, which states that both parties are going to make new efforts to reduce their respective carbon footprints. The contract would not be strictly enforceable, but it would highlight ethical employee behavior. An individual who is making an ethical decision must think of how the behavior will effect others in terms of positive and negative repercussions (protecting the environment, increasing the gap between rich and poor), and they must also think how the decision ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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