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Science Meets Real Life - Essay Example

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From our ancestors, with their crude methods, they have set forth the benchmark which provides for the superfluity of knowledge and technology…
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Science Meets Real Life
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Download file to see previous pages By using the precepts of the scientific methods, it follows that critical thinking in essence is employed. This is not limited to the study of science but to all other disciplines which delves on sought-after solutions to problems. Through the testing and answering of personal questions which leads to plausible answers scientific thinking is used. This is in essence thinking correctly and coming up with reliable answers in most aspects in life. The process of scientific thinking and critical thinking is one and the same in practice and theory. It may only be within the grounds of who uses what wherein the difference lies but both are used by human beings regularly (Schafersman, 1997).
Upon arriving at home and finding out that the light would not turn on begins the process of scientific inquiry. Faced with the recognition of a change within the surroundings of the house, the initial progression within the method was conceived, the acknowledgement of a problem. Simple logic suggests that one should exhaust efforts to locate and solve the problem. The mature thing to do is to remedy the dilemma sensibly and not be infantile about the situation. When a problem arises, it only becomes aggravated when not dealt with the utmost perception of common reason.
In this case the problem encompasses a number of things. The fact that the lights would not turn on is the main problem. Second, it is already well within the night and I would be hesitant about calling a handyman for reasons that include, one, I would assume it is already past their working schedule and two, I have some confidence I may be able to solve the problem myself. Another problem that comes with it is that the problem is located in part of the house which is dark and would therefore be a further complication on the matter at hand.
On this stage the most conceivable thing to do is to go back in memory and think of the most relevant details ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Science Meets Real Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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