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In patients with obesity can diet and excercise control weight gain better than weight loss pills lipofuz or Alli - Research Paper Example

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The World Health Organization (2003) has reported that billions of people all over the world are overweight and roughly 300 million of these individuals are classified as obese. Based on the National Health…
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In patients with obesity can diet and excercise control weight gain better than weight loss pills lipofuz or Alli
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Extract of sample "In patients with obesity can diet and excercise control weight gain better than weight loss pills lipofuz or Alli"

Download file to see previous pages late obesity with the abnormal food intake or poor diet (Styne, 2005), genetic factor such as a metabolic defect (Roth et al., 2004; Rosmond, 2002), leptin deficiency and/or the use of steroids (Link et al., 2004). Children and adults who are obese are facing problems not only related to social adjustment disorders or social discrimination (Pearce et al., 2002) but also a long list of serious health concerns such as heart diseases, diabetes and the different types of cancer (WHO, 2005).
Aside from providing the definition of health and chronic illnesses as stated by the World Health Organization among others, how these definitions are in consistent with my own thoughts will be thoroughly discussed. After determining the impact of food manufacturers’ television advertisement on the increasing rate of obesity in the United States, the proposed research study will focus on determining whether or not preventive measures is a better method of weight control for obese patients than those who prefer to undergo gastric banding. In the process of going through the main discussion, the significance of diet, exercise, and gastric banding procedure on minimizing the cases of obesity will be compared and contrast. Based on the gathered information, a list of recommendations will be provided prior to conclusion.
The World Health Organization (2003) defined health as “the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. On the other hand, chronic illness is defined as “the irreversible presence, accumulation, or latency of disease states or impairments that involve the total human environment for supportive and self-care, maintenance of function, and prevention of further disability” (Curtin & Lubkin, 1995, pp. 6 – 7).
In my own thoughts, the health and wellness of each person is not all about being physically free from being ill but living a lifestyle that would prevent these people from having the need ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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