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Effects of legalizing illegal immigrants in california - Essay Example

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It affects the demography of a country and also will create many social problems. No country can allow immigration more than certain limits in…
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Effects of legalizing illegal immigrants in california
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Extract of sample "Effects of legalizing illegal immigrants in california"

Download file to see previous pages Illegal immigration is a big headache for America in general and California in particular. Being a secular democracy, America has opened their doors widely for most of the people from different parts of the country. Moreover, America is facing big manpower shortages in many fields which forced them to welcome more and more skilled professional from other countries like India, China, Pakistan etc. But most of the immigrants who immigrate to America through legal channels will try to bring their relatives and friends also to America through legal and illegal channels in order to exploit the possibilities in America which created severe social, demographic and legal problems in America. California is one of the worst affected states in America as far as illegal immigration is concerned. This paper briefly analyses effects of legalizing illegal immigrants in California
California is very close to Mexico which helped the Mexican immigrants to cross the border more easily than any others. “It is estimated that there are currently about 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States. In California alone it is estimated to be 3 million illegal immigrants” (Illegal Immigration in California) The effects of illegal immigration is perceived differently by different people. Some people argue that illegal immigration is a blessing whereas some others are of the opinion that it is a curse to American people.
Proponents of illegal immigration argue that California is one of the cheapest labour markets in America because of the excess illegal immigrants there. Most of the illegal immigrants, in order to survive in California will accept even cheaper work offers which normally the locals may not be ready to do. Thus the business people have the luxury of cheap labours which increases their profits. The cheap labour helps business people to reduce the price of their products in order to compete more effectively in the domestic and international ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effects of Legalizing Illegal Immigrants in California Essay.
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