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Spencer repeating Rifle - Term Paper Example

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The main objective of the study undertaken is to be able to describe and present the significance and use of one of the most historical rifles during the periods of war, the Spencer repeating…
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Spencer repeating Rifle
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Download file to see previous pages Although it had been used earlier, the rifle had only been issued for use in 1863 (Smithsonian Institution). The Spencer rifle can be considered as the main repeating carbine in the Civil War (Hackman “Common…” par.1). During the said period when rifles and carbines were common, the Spencer repeating rifle can be differentiated through certain features (Smithsonian Institution).
One of the most distinct characteristic of the Spencer repeating rifle is the magazine that contains seven metallic rimfire cartridges. These are transferred by a spring in the magazine, which can be found at one end of the rifle, through a compressed spring (Smithsonian Institution). The cartridge is another fundamental identity of the rifle since it had been considered as the “first self-contained metallic cartridge” with the capability to be used in the military (Hackman “Common…” par. 4).
During the development and introduction of the Spencer repeating rifle, there is a rapid modernization in terms of arms and facilities of war. The Civil War was even referred to as the initial step in the art of modern war. Along with the used of advanced communication techniques such as the telegraph and the rapid development of transportation, carbine and the repeating rifle can be considered as the most important technology in warfare of the era. The development of carbines and repeating rifles answered the need for the strengthening in warfare during the Civil War (Barloon 1131-32; Niepert par.1).
The development and continuous enhancement of the carbine and repeating rifle innovation occurred through the Civil War. One of the most notable events in war is the “rapid firing breech loading carbines” in action. Through the said period of war, the carbines are continuously improved which involved development on different parts such as the cartridge (Niepert par.2). This can be considered as the main identity of the Spencer repeating rifle.
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