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What kinds of therapies/treatments do criminals with mental illnesses receive in the United States and in the United Kingdom And how are they similar and/or different - Research Paper Example

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In the ancient times, when there was no knowledge about psychological disorders, they were tortured and punished cruelly by others who thought that they were forms of evil. However, even in today’s modern age of…
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What kinds of therapies/treatments do criminals with mental illnesses receive in the United States and in the United Kingdom And how are they similar and/or different
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Extract of sample "What kinds of therapies/treatments do criminals with mental illnesses receive in the United States and in the United Kingdom And how are they similar and/or different"

Download file to see previous pages The purpose of the research is to find out if the mental care needs of the mentally ill prisoners are being met in United Kingdom and United States and if not, then what are the obstacles in the fulfillment of their needs.
has led to the ignorance of the issues of mentally ill prisoners. The faulty screening and carelessness about their needs has resulted in inadequacies of the mental care and has made the treatment of all the prisoners impossible. Research by Kunz and colleagues in the year 2004 showed that if criminals who are mentally ill, are treated with cognitive skills program, then their chances of repeating the crimes and hence getting arrested reduces ( Ashford et al p.458). However, it was found that the treatment given to the prisoners was below standards and lacked adequate mental health care ( British Medical Association P.64). There was much to be done to improve the mental care services in prison.
Unfortunately, it is also evident from different studies that not much is known about the specific needs of the prisoners, their mental conditions and if the need for treatment of mental disorders is being met. It was found that the efforts taken to gather the facts about the mental disorders amongst the prisoners is very minimum. Most of the surveys done to diagnose the illnesses focus on knowing about the physical illness. The questions related to detection of the presence of mental disorder or mental illness are very few. Hence, the presence of the mental disorder remains undetected (Columbus p.159). The percentage of the population that was getting treated for different physical ailments was more than 75% ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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