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Is there still a need for affirmative action in america - Essay Example

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From its inception, affirmative action has balanced the scale of opportunities for all ethnicities. The quota system, the tool of affirmative action, usually…
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Is there still a need for affirmative action in america
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Download file to see previous pages The goal of affirmative action has had its critics and its execution has not been flawless, but to eradicate the policy of equality is to disregard Civil Rights Movement victories and turn the clock backwards towards the days of blatant racism in the pre-1970’s U.S. The debate encompassing affirmative action is more far-reaching than the issue of legality alone. It is the ethical duty of every person and organization in the country to try to stop all forms of racism. However, there is a section of the populace who will not acknowledge and have fervently objected to affirmative action on legal terms and as a social answer to bigotry. They often argue that affirmative action is an example of two wrongs not making a right. They further claim that ‘reverse discrimination’ has been the result. Of course they do not challenge conventional forms of favoritism and discriminatory practices that continue to benefit the wealthy and influential factions of society.
Many times, affirmative action arguments divide down racial lines as evidenced by employee selection practices continuing to discriminate. An example is the exclusionary practice of the preferential treatment given to university applications submitted by kids of alumni. In place for many generations, these practices have produced a vast over-representation of the middle and upper class white persons in universities consequently in lucrative professional occupations. These perpetual power positions in society allow this elite group to maintain its subjugation of the working class. Affirmative action helps balance the playing field for everybody. Of course, even with balancing policies in place, the white, wealthy portion of society enjoy still benefit from the scales justice being tipped toward them for so long. The argument of ‘reverse discrimination’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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