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Organisation managing change case study [unit:Managing change 300] - Essay Example

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The report aims at highlighting the various implications that a proposed change would cause the company. There is a clear set of recommendations that have presented based on the research. It is…
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Organisation managing change case study [unit:Managing change 300]
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Download file to see previous pages Hence the recommendations for the company has been boiled down to the development of Knowledge management systems within the company, which will allow knowledge to flow to all employees of the company and moving into the online sector as this is relatively cheaper and can provide Black & Decker with a clear view of the areas of demand based on which the company can decide to open up the brick and mortar stores.
Organisational Change is a very widely defined topic with a variety of phrases that have been used to explain it. Changes in an organisation has a strong impact not only on the performance of the company, but also on various other factors like the human resources, profitability, structure, culture and even on the systems management of the company. The need to understand the implications of organisational change and the ability to be able to be an instrument in the change to help the organisation change and grow in a positive manner is a very essential aspect for every business.
This report aims at understanding the proposed change for Black & Decker, and developing a report to the management about the various implications and the changes that will be faced by the company with the proposed changes. Also a detailed explanation of the human resources and the company and the strategy needed to be followed by the company to be able to cope with the changes has also been discussed. Complete and rounded off recommendations for the company, in terms of the Action plan that can be adopted to face the implications of change and the human resources development strategy has also been drawn out. Firstly, let’s begin with a brief introduction to the company following which the proposed changes will be discussed.
Black & Decker International was founded in 1917. The company has been recognised to be manufacturers and sellers of wide line of electrical and battery powered ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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