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The case of the right whales in the Bay of Fundy is an excellent example. According to the Alternatives Journal, there are only about 400 of this…
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Discussion a solution to the problem of protecting endangered species
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Humans can do very simple things to protect endangered species if they simply pay attention to the habits and needs of these animals. The case of theright whales in the Bay of Fundy is an excellent example. According to the Alternatives Journal, there are only about 400 of this species of whale left in the world, and many of them were being killed each summer by large ships entering and leaving the Bay. Conservationists proposed that Transport Canada change the ships’ routes to avoid the whales, and that simple measure has had a great effect without disturbing shipping significantly.
Humans must realize that we are not the only creatures which use the world. Many species of animals are all around us, and sometimes our activities destroy the specialized habitats that these animals need in order to live, produce young, and have enough to eat. In the case of the right whales, conservationists recognized a need to preserve this rare and beautiful animal which was hunted nearly to extinction before being protected. Once protected, human activities were still killing the whales. The shippers did not have to entirely eliminate using the Bay as a port, but changing the routes to avoid the places where the whales spent their time meant that continued human activity would not continue to destroy the endangered species.
This example shows that it is possible for conservationists, activists, industry and government to work together toward a common goal. Sometimes activists would like to completely prevent industry from exploiting natural resources, and sometimes industry does not make wise choices and completely destroys the habitats of endangered animals. The result of the small change in the Bay of Fundy was a record number of right whale births in 2009, which is a big step toward rebuilding the population of this endangered species. Small changes lead to big changes when humans pay attention to their actions.
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“Safer Waters, More Babies.” Alternatives Journal 35.4 (August 2009): 24-24. Accessed 4 September 2009 from the Academic Search Premier EBSCOhost. Read More
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