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Marketing for Bell Shakespeare - Research Proposal Example

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Promotion of literary works, especially Shakespeare’s is the fundamental objective of this company that attempts to inspire Australians from varying cultural, social, and economic backgrounds with their projection of theatre productions, school programmes, internship…
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Marketing Research Proposal for Bell Shakespeare
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Download file to see previous pages The proposed research will focus on the following problem statement during different stages of the market study: to recognize and understand the stakeholders’ perspectives, essential for an increment in the donor acquisition, optimization of donor retention, and a raised income subsequently.
Additionally, the proposed research anticipates comprehensive understanding of attitudes and perception of donors from varying backgrounds related to the working, activities, and objectives of Shakespeare Bell Company. Analysis of the problem indicated that there are three categories of donors: current, lapsed, and prospective. Review of the background of problem further specified that it is now very essential for the company to identify specific needs, perception, and expectations of the donors, in order to continue organizing different programmes and activities in different rural and urban parts of Australia. It is an expectation that the proposed market research will be beneficial for the company, as well as individuals that benefit from different programs of the company.
Since centuries, literature, drama, and theatre remained significant contributors in the educational and social development of human society. In specific, William Shakespeare is one of the greatest English writers that endeavored to alter thinking patterns and express his feelings through plays, such as Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, etc that are influencing contemporary writers and scholars until today (Stinson & O’Toole, pp. 44-56, 2009). However, experts have indicated a rapid reduction in the interest of such significant pieces of literature due to a number of factors that inclined people like John Bell (2004) to establish philanthropic organizations like Bell Shakespeare Company (2009).
Briefly, promotion of literary works, especially Shakespeare’s is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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