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I’m thirty five years old, married with two children. I have an eight-year-old boy and five-year-old girl. We live together in Beaumont, Texas, about eighty miles outside of Houston. The area is very familiar to me and I consider it home, having…
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PREASSIGNMENT My is Brandon Hebert. I’m thirty five years old, married with two children. I have an eight-year-old boy and five-year-old girl. We live together in Beaumont, Texas, about eighty miles outside of Houston. The area is very familiar to me and I consider it home, having lived there for thirty-five years. In 1997, I graduated with an associate degree in nursing from Excelsior College and have been a registered nurse for the last twelve years. At the present time, I work with disabled pediatric children, a cause that is very important to me and close to my heart.
My main passion in life is sharing the Word of God to others. I currently keep a daily journal of Bible studies and daily scriptures that I meditate on. Christ has called me to serve in the work of Kingdom building. This is the cause of my life. My plans are to complete the B.A.B.S . degree in two years if the Lord wills. I would love to be involved in evangelism ministry with the homeless and needy. Furthermore, I would like to start home bible studies for local churches in the area. I’m a hard-working, considerate person. Faith is extremely important to me.
My wife and I have a small ministry in the Beaumont area that provides water to the homeless. The name of our ministry is Rivers of Living Water. My education will build on the foundation the Holy Spirit has already taught me. I am extremely excited to learn the Word of God from men and women of God, affiliated with this seminary. Read More
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PREASSIGNMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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