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Compare and contrast two different management styles and assess how they can affect employee motivation - Essay Example

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Management style is viewed as the innate quality possessed by every person, which comes into use while managing business, directing employees, and achieving the organizational objectives. Researchers have identified and defined various management styles and their features…
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Compare and contrast two different management styles and assess how they can affect employee motivation
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"Compare and contrast two different management styles and assess how they can affect employee motivation"

Download file to see previous pages As identified by Prucell (1987), cited in Blyton and Tumbull (1992; 256), ‘management style is an extra dimension linked to wider business policy, and at the least, related to guiding principles which infuse management behaviour in dealing with employees.’ Management style is also decided by the organizational culture, local culture, customs, and social dynamics. Based on different traits and behavioural aspects possessed by the business owners, four distinct management styles have been identified by Dr. Rensis Likert: autocratic, paternalistic, democratic and laissez-faire management style (Calvert, Coles & Bailey, 1995).
Autocratic management style is considered as one of the oldest styles, with business owners or managers keeping most of the authority to themselves. Their decision making does not involve their staff. These managers are habitual of giving orders and take charge of work and get it done with authority. They are extremely quick in decision making whenever required.
Paternalistic management style, usually seen in organizations promoting the familial control and management, share many of the size and ownership characteristics of autocratic type, but they tend to have much more positive attitude towards their employees. Employee consultation is a high priority, and more preference is given to staff retention and reward systems (Gennard & Judge 2005).
Democratic management style adopts the employee-participation aspect in most of the management decisions. Though employees are encouraged to actively participate in decision making, the final right to approval still rests with the business owner. This style is best suited in organizations or teams with highly skilled workers that require minimal supervision. The positive aspects of this management style are feelings of belonging, pride, and high commitment. This approach can spew out employees’ ideas, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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