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Dissertation Topic Proposal - Essay Example

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According to Smith (n.d.), the word coaching goes back to the 1800s although executive coaching only began to be recognized as a field between 1980 and 1994 (p. 1). As…
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Dissertation Topic Proposal
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Download file to see previous pages t to research because it defines not only the need for working with leaders but it also gives an opportunity to organizations to understand the coaching relationship. According to Ennis, Goodman, Hodgetts, et.a. (2005), coaching is a process and central to this process is the ability of the coach to help a leader develop to their full potential in an organization. Many organizations find that exemplary leadership must be retained in their reengineering or restructuring efforts and often the way to retain them is through fostering executive coaching.
Executives bring about change, and this researcher will look at change management and how it can be implemented within a health care organization using executive coaching. Coaching executives are needed by large and small organizations to evaluate the behaviors of their employees, their attitudes at work, their level of enthusiasm and motivation and the factors that influence them to have a positive outlook towards their job
According to Giglio, L & Diamante, T & Urban, J.M (1998) organizations are willing to provide a coach for senior level managers when it is perceived that the executive is in trouble, is going to be in trouble, or when the executive has isolated himself/herself from the senior level team. The time for executive coaching seems to be best done before the individual is in trouble because change usually generates from the decision making level of an organization. The change agent can be defined as a manager who is there to reconfigure an organization’s roles, responsibilities, structures and the output Saka,A(2002).
Executive coaching is important to the restructuring or re-engineering of a healthcare organization in order for its leaders to move forward. In moving forward, a leader becomes a change agent who helps motivate employees, help them accept change on an ongoing basis and helps to empower the employees.
The purpose of this research is the identification of the role of executive coaching ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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