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The database has turned out to be vital need in all aspects of the life. This research is aimed at providing a deep analysis for the database implementation at home.
A database is a…
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Database application, Planning, Design, and Implementation
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Running head: database system specification Database System Specification Affiliation August 16, 2009 This research assignmentis about the detailed analysis of the databases implementation at home. The database has turned out to be vital need in all aspects of the life. This research is aimed at providing a deep analysis for the database implementation at home.
A database is a group of associated objects or facts arranged in a definite sequence. The most apparent instance of a non computerized database is a telephone directory. On the other hand, telephone companies at the present time make use of an electronic database program to turn out their printed phone books (Norton, 2001, p. 273). To build huge groups of data functional, individuals and organizations make use of computers and effiecient data management systems. Similar to a warehouse, a database is a storage area for group of similar and associated data or facts. On the other hand, a database management system (DBMS) is software tool that facilitates multiple users to store, retrieve, and perform operations on data or facts into functional information (Norton, 2001, p. 272).
The database design and development starts with the analysis of the system. In our database for home we will analyze the daily working routines and access the main aspects that can be documented and digitalized. For this purpose will conduct a detailed analysis for the overall working and activities performed in the house, for instance, we need a system that can document and manage the daily work plan, house budget, requirement management, indoor and outdoor activities. The databases system for the house can manage the daily work plan, record activities, handle house budget and specially the food menu. We can also manage and handle our diet plan with this system and develop a balanced daily diet plan. The system will provide us details and comprehensive information for the daily diet plan.
There are various players in this databases that can use and manage the database at home. Parents can develop a diet plan for their children and feed them according to that plan. This makes the overall handling of the children diet easier. The parents also plan their daily tasks and duties so that they can perform those jobs at time and effectively. The handling of budget plan can be done by wife or husband that feed and allocate the appropriate resources for the house monthly resource management. The player can interact with the system and each other directly. The system will be available to every user and they can view and mange the resource according to their desire. The each section will be allocated to specific user (parents, Childs). This system has lot of strengths, for instance, the management of the house becomes easier and resource handling becomes easier. Parents can manage children diet plan, manage resource and handle resources for the house in a better way. The weakness of the system is the implementation point of view. We cannot plan a special system that is used by all home users. There is need of some remote, wireless, easily manageable PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). However the overall system implementation and its use is a hard task. The main opportunities we have are the management of home through a more digital and better way. The new age is age of technology and digitalization and this system will be an initial step in this direction. Here we have main threat regarding the technology support and application implementation.
In this report I have presented the detailed overview of the database implementation for the house management. This report provided a deep overview of the main system implementation specifications. This report can provide a better support for the development and designing of the system.
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Norton, P. (2001). Introduction to Computers, Fourth Edition. Singapore: McGraw-Hill. Read More
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