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The implications of different cultural views of space for business and management practice in culturally diverse context - Essay Example

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Employees are considered as the backbone of the companies. The changing business environment has spurred the management of companies to find new ways in order to make the…
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The implications of different cultural views of space for business and management practice in culturally diverse context
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Download file to see previous pages The competition is getting tougher with the inclusion of the Asian Economies in the global market where labour is very cheap and productive e.g. in China.
As one of the most beneficial motivation technique employee empowerment can be effectively used to continue to embrace the changing trends of business. Yet my paper also suggests that the management will have to work just as hard as employees to ensure that the process is undertaken effectively in order to achieve the desired results do. This research will be an important contribution to the understanding of factors, which play an important role in the effective undertaking of the process.
In the last decade, the belief has grown amongst organisational theorists (Handy, 1985, 1989; Kanter, 1983, Pascale, 1990 and others) that in order to be successful in increasingly turbulent markets, organisations need to be able to assimilate – or better, instigate – dramatic shifts in their industries.
Cultural factors are also one of the impacting force, which affects the values placed on the Motivation. The role of the ‘opportunity factors’ offered by the social and economic context as an important contributing factor with cultural influences (CEEDR, 2000). The influence of the culture was been first stressed at the beginning of the century. Protestants have encouraged a culture which stresses on achievement motivation, individualism, rationality, legitimating of entrepreneurial vocations, asceticism and self-reliance. Thus ethic is the fundamental element of the spirit of modern capitalism (Weber, 1976).
Culture is like a collective programming of the mind that distinguishes the members of one category of people to other that means a culture which is shaped by the individual social environment but not by there genes. Culture differences are the outcomes of national, ethnic, regional, religious, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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