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U05a1 Project - Outline and Bibliography - Assignment Example

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Paper presented at the 1995 Digital Libraries Conference, March 27-28, 1995, Singapore. Retrieved 9 August, 2009 from
Currie, W.L. (1996). Organizational structure and the…
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U05a1 Project - Outline and Bibliography
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Extract of sample "U05a1 Project - Outline and Bibliography"

Download file to see previous pages Retrieved 9 august, 2009 from
Galrahn. (2009). The great debate about the future fleet structure. Information Retrieved 9 august, 2009 from
Heller, R. (2006). Management Challenges: The Management Revolution has brought with it challenges that must be met. Retrieved 9 August, 2009 from
Linton, R.D. (2003). Information dissemination management tactical: Providing information at the right place and format. Army Communicator, Winter (III), Retrieved 9 August, 2009 from
Moseley, M. (2009). Multidomain master data management for business success. IInformation Management and Sourcemedia Inc. Retrieved 9 August, 2009 from
Svenkerud, P. J. (1995). Testing the applicability of two information dissemination models, diffusion of innovations and social marketing, for HIV/AIDS prevention among unique population groups in Thailand. Ohio: Ohio ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(U05a1 Project - Outline and Bibliography Assignment)
“U05a1 Project - Outline and Bibliography Assignment”, n.d.
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