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International Transport - Essay Example

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Gary (2000, p. 124) pointed out that the center of interest to any business has been the services it offers to the customers. Customer…
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International Transport
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Download file to see previous pages Businesses have expanded their markets internationally because of effective transportation of goods and services. The transport of people remains the most critical issue that should be addressed by any international transport company. Provision of high quality but cost effective transport services is achieved when the key elements are considered. Effective services depend mainly on the comprehensive standards underpinning transport operations where innovation to provide immense benefits to customers and service providers remain the central issue.
Bardi (2007, p. 78) suggested that robust and comprehensive standards should be practiced in the transportation sector. The service providers should have best practices that offer protection to both people and goods that are in transit. Means of international transport available in the world are risky hence the owners should establish the best practices that limit the extent of risks. International transportation of human remains calls for numerous measures to govern the conditions and state of transport. The service providers must have strong strategies which protect the crew. Transport of the human remains exposes the crew to a lot of dangers. Human remains of those who were affected by dangerous diseases such SAARS and H1N1 can be very dangerous to the crew. Loading and offloading of human remains should be carried out with all protective devices. The embalmers should be people of high intelligence and are qualified enough to take up the job. This limits the chances of been infected hence the rest of the passengers are safe. The embalming process should be done very effectively and fast enough.
The customer transporting goods across national borders should feel safe at all times. Protection standards should be developed with real consumer needs in mind and the service provider should ensure that services provided are well understood by the consumer. UN Model Regulations have ensured protection ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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