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Anthropology. write an (3000 words maximum) on the development of writing - Essay Example

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Through the course of time human beings have used different types of written communications. Humans began the process of writing to fulfil their needs of…
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Anthropology. write an essay (3000 words maximum) on the development of writing
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"Anthropology. write an (3000 words maximum) on the development of writing"

Download file to see previous pages One of the oldest written references to King Solomon’s Temple is in form of inscription on a slice of clay. There are different types of writing systems which include logography, syllabaries, alphabets and featured scripts.
The grapheme which represents a word or morpheme is called a logograph. They are commonly known as hieroglyphics. However, hieroglyphics represent ideas more than words (Brown, 1998: Pg 63). They are visual symbols rather than phonemes. All logographic scripts rely on the principle of rebus. This writing system includes Logoconsonantal scripts and logosyllabic scripts.
It is a set of symbols that represents syllables. It is phonetic system of writing. Syllabaries are best suited to language with basic syllable structure, for example Japanese (Carter, 1984: Pg 123). Normally it is made of a consonant and a vowel or just a single vowel. The Inuktitut orientation the symbols are used to indentify vowels and small symbols are used to write syllable consonants.
Alphabets can be defined as small set of symbols, each one historically represents phoneme of a particular language. A perfect phonological alphabet is the one in which letters correspond perfectly in different directions (Christin, 2002: Pg 87). Writers can predict the spelling of a word easily provided its pronunciation is given. Many languages often evolve of their writing systems and similarly the writing system have been borrowed other systems from different languages. The extent to which letters of an alphabet correspond with the phonemes varies from one language system to another.
The featured scripts are the building blocks of phonemes which make up a language. For example the sound pronounced with lips can have some elements in common. It represents finer details than an alphabet.
The history of written communication follows the path of civilization which in turn, moves in reaction to changing cultural norms. The transfer of information and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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