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It has been counted as the result of an array of factors such as effective financial forecast, accurate implementation of precautions, employees’…
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Spoken Tactics
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Spoken Tactics Scenario My organization gained remarkable turnover in its silver jubilee year by accumulating huge sums of investments and deposits. It has been counted as the result of an array of factors such as effective financial forecast, accurate implementation of precautions, employees’ support, and application of advanced technology. However, now the bank (my organization) has announced a public gathering to celebrate the event. The bank is looking forward to double its growth within the coming two years and therefore employee motivation and public relations are of great importance. As part of the jubilee celebrations, bank would launch a variety of deposit schemes. Given below is the speech that the manager of the organization would deliver on the occasion. The audience consists of bank employees/staff, investors, customers, guests and general public.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the very occasion we have been waiting for since the beginning of the last financial year. We thank you all for making this event highly valuable by your active presence. I would like to inform you the glad news that beyond our highest expectations, our bank has accumulated its greatest turnover even in this worst global economic environment. Dear friends; this achievement is yours who gave continual support and laid strong faith in the function and service of the organization. The bank is highly thankful to you for supporting us with your investments and deposits. Moreover, all your suggestions, complaints and feedbacks were of immense help to us for designing new strategies and forecasts. Of course, we had certain targets for this silver jubilee year. Lot of time and manpower has been spent to manage this accomplishment. I take this opportunity to thank all our customers who introduced new clients to us. Your cooperation and patience have to be appreciated in this context. I am here with a number of new offers to express our gratitude. All our beneficiaries will be privileged from this historic achievement in this jubilee year.
Obviously, the relentless efforts and commitment of our whole staff and employees also have to be remembered here. In fact this success is the result of a two year project that commenced with a market survey. Our public relation faculty and other individuals who headed this task deserve a special appreciation. It was their sincere efforts that brought the real market situation to light. I remember the active involvement of all other employees in the accomplishment of the proposed target. They have paid extra time and efforts to improve the reputation of the organization by ensuring speed and accurate service to the customers. However, it was the good will and faith of our customers and the public interest that enabled us to reap the success to such a great extent.
I would like to announce that there will be an interim bonus for the investors in this jubilee year and a proportional decrease in the interest rates of loans that are taken for not more than two months. Today, in this function we would like to honor our beloved older/senior accountholders who motivated us by their valuable dealings, advice, and now even with their great presence. We have decided to open a new evening service branch intended to provide service to employed individuals and business people. I assure you that, unemployed youth from within the locality will be deployed at this new venture. As you know currently all our depositors and investors have free insurance coverage. However, as a jubilee year reward, those who open new accounts within the next one month will be given an additional insurance coverage of $1000. Furthermore, we would soon launch a children’s plan deposit scheme for middle class parents for the education and healthcare of their children. Dear friends, these are some of the special packages we would like to launch here on this happiest occasion. Once again I thank you for your invaluable presence and cooperation in sharing the joy of this auspicious event.”
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (Oct.14, 2008). “FDIC Announces Plan to Free Up Bank
Liquidity”. Viewed 31 July 2009 Read More
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