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The Safety of Recovery Personnel and Rescue Workers - Essay Example

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The narrator of this essay aims to tell that as in all kinds of emergency and hazardous situations, the safety of recovery personnel and rescue workers is paramount and must be given top priority when deciding or planning how to approach a certain catastrophic situation…
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The Safety of Recovery Personnel and Rescue Workers
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Download file to see previous pages Such feedbacks must be forwarded and processed by the appropriate supervisors and personnel who are in charge of monitoring end results (SLAC 2009). A worksite analysis must be done and should be the preliminary step in determining what jobs and workstations are the impending sources of the problems. In the worksite analysis, exposures, problem tasks, and risks are evaluated and identified (Herman et al 1998). A valuable worksite analysis is comprised of all the jobs and work activities needed in the whole operation. As an industrial hygienist, I would personally recommend adequate inspection, research, and examination on how a certain physical or chemical hazard at the job site can affect the workers’ health before actually letting them enter the work zone; since this is part and parcel of the worksite analysis phase. The result of which will be given appropriate remedial or corrective action (Herman et al 1998).
The recognition and control of hazards is relative to the utilization of environmental monitoring and methodical appraisal of hazards in order to detect the range of risks they pose that pertains to the employment of engineering and work practice controls along with other methods to contain any potential hazards, which workers may be exposed to (Herman et al 1998). The appraisal and identification of work hazards including traumas and tensions which are grounds for sickness, impaired health and creates a certain degree of discomfort to workers by way of having contact with chemicals, physical, ergonomic and biological factors is done essentially to recognize said potential conditions and eradicate or manage them through the application of any suitable corrective measures (Herman et al 1998).
To decrease the adverse health hazards which employees or workers are exposed to, engineering controls must be modified and put into operation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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