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About the novel Metamorphosis - Essay Example

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It questions the respect given to a person who was once the breadwinner of the family. The transformation of Gregor into a vermin physically but continuing to have the mental thoughts and memories of a…
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Essay about the novel Metamorphosis
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"About the novel Metamorphosis"

Download file to see previous pages ?He is even more worried when the chief clerk reaches home to enquire why he has not turned up to work when he is required to complete some important task. Gregor’s family is not sure whether the vermin is their son.
The family has tried to provide food and shelter for the vermin though the aspect of comfort is not given to him. He is not allowed out of his room to mingle with the members of the family and continue to have the good life he earlier had. Despite his physical condition, Gregor wants to complete his assignments for the day and wonders how his family will live without his earning because his father was already in debt. He is also worried that his mother cannot work due to her illness. He thinks "of his family with emotion and love."
He also learns that in the absence of his earnings, all the members of the family have taken up work and they have also lent out room for lodgers. Gregor’s sister Grete used to serve him food and clean up his room. The maid of the house is fired and is replaced by a charwoman. The charwoman is the only woman who sympathizes with Gregor and talks to him.
The human mental condition of Gregor is further revealed when he get’s out of his room following his sister to find medicine for their mother, who collapses seeing the vermin. Gregor is badly punished by his father for getting out of his room by throwing an apple and Gregor gets hurt, unable to move. This also reveals that Gregor’s father has reached a good financial position and wants to get rid of Gregor to maintain authority on the family.
The sight of Gregor is fearsome for his mother, though his sister feeds him with his favorite food for which he has no penchant now. Though Gregor yearns to talk to their family and spent time with them, he is not allowed to get out of his room. But the music played by Grete takes him out of his room to teach his sister to play the right notes. The lodgers are astonished seethe creature and cries out to leave without paying ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Essay about the Novel Metamorphosis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Essay about the Novel Metamorphosis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Essay about the Novel Metamorphosis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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The metamorphosis
...enables his family to not exert themselves in physical labor to support themselves, which has a surprisingly bad influence on everyone. His is an inadvertent position, to be sure – he only works (at his specific job, at least) to pay off a debt his parents had been otherwise unable to resolve. But for some reason, once Gregor loses his capability to work, the debt miraculously disappears. The Metamorphosis is, in this sense, almost an idealized agricultural novel such as those penned by Thomas Hardy – Gregor's industriousness is set in sharp and detrimental relief to the age-old earners of sewing and taking in lodgers, to which his family have to resort. Perhaps the title 'metamorphosis'...
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...? “Metamorphosis” ‘Metamorphosis’ is one of the most remarkable pieces of literature work by Franz Kafka. In this work, Kafka portrays every human being as a matter for metamorphosis. Gregor Samsa, the protagonist, undergoes a very intense physical change that challenges his normal way of social life and even his existence. By profession he is a travelling salesman who is to assist the family financially. Gregor represents all human beings who are vulnerable to misfortune. To be precise, the fiction ‘Metamorphosis’ discusses how a person normally reacts to unexpected changes of life situations and how swiftly and unkindly the family and society alter their opinion...
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The Metamorphosis
...Work and Identity in Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis In The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka is able to carry out a philosophical analysis of the themes of work and identity. This essay analyzes how Kafka depicts work and identity in his novel. Specifically, this essay explores the relationship between Gregor’s insect-like identity and self-conscious self, and the influence of his working conditions, especially of his feeling of alienation, on his sudden transformation. As Kafka shows it, the connection of Gregor’s awareness to his ‘transformed’ self—an insect—is depressing. The insect body stops him from moving or doing things, from getting out of bed without effort, opening doors, or...
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..., into a helpless alien, with very different needs, then we can maybe understand their changed attitudes. On the surface, the story might be absurd, but the real meaning is not confusing - it seems to be about denying humanity to those who are different, and how hard it is to deal with it all. By the end of the story, 'metamorphosis' happened to them all. Gregor's transformation changed his family from being lazy, dependent 'takers' into hard working people with prospects and goals. As he faded away, starving, and lonely, Gregor's attitudes changed to bitterness, anger and resentment "he was filled with a simple rage about the lack of attention he was shown." (Kafka, 29). Yet when...
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...A Short Criticism on Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Metamorphosis is a term that refers to transformation and is often depicted by the changes that occur to butterflies from being a caterpillar. The usual understanding of that concept is on the positive side which means a change for the better that can be represented by improvement in appearance or beauty. The author of the novel Metamorphosis made the opposite change to the character that can shock the readers specifically with regards to the transformation that happened in the story. The plot seemed to be different from what is expected. At the same time, the novel can teach important life...
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... Essay, English Topic: Psychological Analysis of “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka The analysis whether the transformation taking place in the household of Gregor Samsa in “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka is psychological or social is a tough option. These are closely linked to each other and cannot be dealt with like two water-tight compartments. Yet the psychological aspect is more pronounced that has the telling effect on the household. In the beginning of the story, the reader is informed about awakening of Samsa transmuted into a beetle. From the secular point of view, this cannot be the reality as such a physical change is impossibility. Some sort of psychological grounding will have to be found out for such an occurrence... . Samsa...
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...Due Metamorphosis: Analytical Essay Kafka’s novel, metamorphosis is a complete work of fallacy as is viewed by many of its readers. Just as many works of fallacy, metamorphosis creates an unrealistic situation at the beginning when Gregor mystically transforms into a large insect. As human metamorphosis is a totally superhuman occurrence and it’s from it that the whole story is based, then it requires a high rank reader not to classify it as a complete entertainment story full of fallacy and imagination. However, close examination of the story, as well as comparing it with the authors environment converts the whole story to a real life stories with...
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