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Peak Oil - Essay Example

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Oil is an invaluable fuel since most of the automobiles use it as fuel. Global economy is connected to the oil prices because of wide effect oil has on world economy. This paper briefly analyses the term peak oil and its relationship with oil price and global economy. …
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Peak Oil
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Extract of sample "Peak Oil"

Download file to see previous pages This essay declares that peak oil is a state in which the maximum oil production is recorded. After peak oil, the production may start to decline which is not a good sign for either the oil producers or the users. Global economy is heavily dependent on oil prices. Automobiles are essential for the transportation of goods to keep a balance between the supply and demand. Supply and demand determines the economic growth of the global community. Substitutes for oil must be researched and developed without any time delay. At the same time new technologies must be developed in order to utilize the distant offshore oil resources economically, which are expensive at present because of lack of feasible technologies to utilize it. Oil is the blood of global economy. As our body or life cannot survive without blood, the global economy also cannot survive without oil or alternative energy sources.
This paper makes a conclusion that peak oil is not a good scenario either of the oil producing countries or others. Though peak oil may bring temporary benefits to the oil producing countries, their economy will be suffered in the long run. For example, most of the Gulf countries are depending oil revenue for their economic growth. These countries don’t have much other resources and the oil resource exhausting may not be a good sign for them. Even though, most of the global community are anxious about the future of the world because of the exhausting oil resources, environmentalists consider the peak oil situation as a blessing to the human population. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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