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OCcupational Health for a BSc degree programme - Assignment Example

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It helps assess the skills of the nurse in caring for patients during critical incidents and it also helps analyse the needs of patients during these instances. This paper shall present a critical incident in…
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OCcupational Health Assignment for a BSc degree programme
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"OCcupational Health for a BSc degree programme"

Download file to see previous pages They are meant to protect the identity and ensure the anonymity of the patient and the staff involved. This practice is being employed in accordance with clause 5 of the Code of Professional Conduct (2004) and the Department of Health’s Caldicott Committee Report (1997).
I was asked to see an employee of the UK-wide Bakery service who had been off sick for a laceration on both her arms. The patient, Cynthia, was 32 years old, single, and living alone in a one bedroom apartment within the vicinity of the city’s commercial district. She had been working the night shift with the Bakery service for 5 years running and about 2 days prior to my visit, she reported to the HR that she was taking time off work for injuries she suffered when she fell through a glass door. She had lacerations on both her arms due to her accident. She was later taken to the hospital where she was stitched up and sent home. However, during my visit, she confided in me that she did not actually obtain the injuries from falling through a glass door. Instead, they were self-inflicted injuries and she did not inform the hospital that her injuries were self-inflicted. She said that she attempted to take her life because she had a dispute with a co-worker with whom she was having a relationship. She also felt alone and depressed about her life and the direction that her life was taking. When I saw her, she was weepy, sad, and very glum. Her wounds were healing well, but I could see that she lost the general interest in life. She looked haggard and looked like she had not slept and eaten for days. I was concerned about her situation because she still had feelings of suicide. I managed to persuade her to confide in her HR. Between me and the HR, we were able to convince her to attend Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and to see a counsellor. At work, the HR and the manager decided to move her to the day shift in order to give her more interaction with other employees. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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