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Discuss how they establish ethos in their writing - Essay Example

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Writers are responsible for the ideas and thoughts that are put onto paper and enter on the Internet. With this information people are influenced, moved to tears, moved to stand up for a…
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Discuss how they establish ethos in their writing
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Extract of sample "Discuss how they establish ethos in their writing"

Download file to see previous pages Robert Kennedy came from a long line of Kennedys who were well thought of and established in the world. Robert had a background in politics stemming from an appointment as a United States Attorney General to a nominee for the president of the United States. Most people will recognize him as a Senator who was assassinated before he was able to make his bid for president. He grew up in what was called a "competitive" family that was very close. (Robert F. Kennedy "Biography"). He was known for battling injustice and organizing people to do move forward on a variety if issues including the Vietnam War, organized crime, and he worked closely to help black Americans find a peaceful place in the world. He was also known for his ability to talk to people without barriers.
When Martin Luther King died it was Kennedy that was able to hold people together. Both John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy were proponents of civil rights and they worked well within many communities, particularly with blacks and other disenfranchised persons (Robert F. Kennedy "Biography").
This is the information that creates ethos for Robert Kennedy and what lead to his speech in front of a mostly black crowd in Indianapolis. He was well respected by most people in the black community and this was one of the reasons that he was one of the only white men who could have addressed the crowd that day. He was also qualified to speak about Martin Luther King because he believed in what Martin stood for and had been actively helping with civil rights. Kennedy was a strong orator and he understood what to say to people to get them to do what he was asking. On that night, he also used his compassion and his emotions to give people what they needed in order to move them forward. Another reason this worked for him was because his speech was very much like a speech that Dr. King would have made:
Kennedy had already established himself as a writer, orator and statesman so he was already established as an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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