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Hello - Essay Example

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Yet there are many that arrive with a mindset and know exactly what they would want as a major or have already decided on their career path. Others are willing to experiment and change their major as…
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Extract of sample "Hello"

Choosing a college major or planning career can be the most daunting task ever. Yet there are many that arrive with a mindset and know exactly what they would want as a major or have already decided on their career path. Others are willing to experiment and change their major as they experience it. I had fixed upon finance as my major at college since I came from a family in to real estate back in Saudi Arabia. However, I realized that finance is something that was already a part of my and family’s system. If I were to contribute to the growth of the family business, I would need to incorporate technology. This necessitated that I study the management information systems (MIS). I realized this early enough and had the opportunity to change over from finance.
MIS is concerned with processing data into information. I have seen how MIS enables quick and reliable referencing apart from efficient and effective coordination. I have been witnessing this while at the college administration and the library services. As far as our family business of real estate is concerned, technology such as customer relationship management (CRM) can help to enhance relations with customers and increase customer value over time. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one used by many service organizations as it helps to develop and maintain relations with the customers.
Browsing through the dailies I also understand that economic downturn and market globalization have posed a challenge to the real estate market. These challenges range from revenue-generation to cost-cutting measures. I know SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) is one such technology which integrates application for managing all types of real estate.
SAP is particularly interesting to me because in Saudi Arabia real estate market and constructional development is undergoing phenomenal growth. Incorporating modern technology in the family business would add value as communication and modern technology have become fundamental for any business. I would like to employ technology to integrate green solutions in real estate projects. Green buildings have profound impact on productivity. The consequences of such projects can bring about reduction in costs while enhancing employee efficiency. It keeps the employees motivated which in turn positively impacts productivity.
I am aware of the challenges that lie ahead of me in accomplishing my task. The use of technology such as SAP and CRM are fairly new to my home country. I would first need to educate the people in my organization on the benefits of technology because I am aware of the consequences of using technology without being aware of its benefits. The acceptance level would be low initially as people are used to a certain system of working. Transition may take some time but I am confident of being able to achieve my goals.
People in Saudi Arabia reel under a myth that green projects means higher costs. I have tried my hand at costing and find that the costs are only marginally higher than normal homes. It would certainly be a challenge to convince the customers of the enhanced benefits for a marginal increase in costs. I am sure my change over to MIS as college major will prove to be beneficial not just to me and my family but it would enable me to contribute towards a greener world. It would also help us to stay competitive and reach customers geographically dispersed. I am happy with my decision to switch over to MIS and am looking forward to apply technology in improving the living conditions. Read More
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Hello Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2.
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