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Gang Research Review - Term Paper Example

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“Being young means being free, being young means being obviously mandated by how one feels and how one sees the world as a place of growth and maturity”, this is what Jodi Lane and James Meeker concluded in their writing entitled “The Fear of Gang Crime” (455). In this…
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Gang Research Review
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Download file to see previous pages and Meeker were able to find effective claims regarding the truth behind the reaction that the youth has on the changes happening in the society today. Truthfully, the world to which the youth grow up to today is a major presentation of worldwide liberation (458). A matter of concentration that is focused upon making amends as to how to teach the youngsters to be disciplined while actually let them live a life that they want is one of the highest concerns of the public today.
Apparently, being born to a society of liberalization has made it harder for many youngsters today to actually see the real importance behind the truthful effects of freedom in their lives. No matter, the situation of the current society still suggests that there are still other reasons that could be pinpointed as to why and how gangs develop in the society. In the discussion that follows, one of the most important factors that brings about the possibility of gang developments in the society, peer pressure, shall be further discussed and clarified.
The study of Cindy Ness (2004) on Why Girls Fight gives an evident source of understanding as to how and why gangs are receiving a warm welcome among the young communities today. According to this study, the researchers in the past felt that they had it all figured out. They had intently examined 200 children from their infancy through adolescence. They analyzed the parents, the home environment and the disposition of each child. Then they predicted which of these children would become happy adults. It seemed simple—a happy childhood under a pleasant family environment would produce a happy adult. After waiting till the children became 30 years of age, they re-interviewed them. This interview showed how girls and boys differ in their views towards their peers and how they view the acceptance given to them by the group they ought to belong to. (33)
In connection with the study of Jodi Lane and James Meeker’s Fear of Gang Crimes, Cindy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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