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Business Management Technology Literature review: IT security Management - Essay Example

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Now almost all companies use IT and IT system for storing, retrieving and processing of business data and customer’s information. They do many simple…
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Business Management Technology Literature review: IT security Management
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"Business Management Technology Literature review: IT security Management"

Download file to see previous pages Even computers and its software are very costly. And the data stored in the computer is more important and costly compared to the computer cost. So management and the employees who are working in the IT system should have a clear awareness about the importance if IT security management in business. The purpose of IT security management is “protect the company’s information assets from all threats, whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental, to ensure business continuity, minimize business damage, and maximize return on investments and business opportunities.” (Information Security Policy Statement: Objective. 2004, p.13).
CEO of the company gives approval for the Information Security Policy of a company. This policy includes confidentiality, honesty, and accessibility of the information. Information assets should meet all the needs of the regulatory authorities. Information security should be provided to all the staffs. There is an information security manager in a business or organization.
There should be physical security, and other types of security like Internet security must be provided. IT security management should include organizations, risk management, ownership, policy standards, procedures, support and action with due care. (Importance of Information Security Management).
Organization:-IT security management should be applicable to all persons in the company. Every one should take the responsibility of their actions. They should understand and support the company’s requirements and sincerely work to full fill those requirements.
Risk Management: - Risk means uncertainty or a loss. Most important type of risk is operational risk. It is occurred due to internal or external events. Main reason for this type of risk is either fraud or error. Operational risks from IT effect credit, strategic, reputation, market risk etc. To avoid these risks top management must measure, control and monitor the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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