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Casa study of Computer Driven Trading - Essay Example

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The modern technology provides a number of facilities regarding the production and development. This paper presents an overview to the computer driven trading. Computer driven…
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Casa study of Computer Driven Trading
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Download file to see previous pages By eradicating many technical, geographic, and cost barriers impeding the comprehensive flow of information, the Internet is increasing the speed of information revolution, exciting new uses of information technology and latest business models (Loudon, 1998). Since the year 1970s, stock broking dealings have been electronic, getting rid of need for a physical marketplace where purchasers and retailers confer (Rob, 2007). Computer driven trading is also recognized as algorithmic trading is an expansion of that development and employs computer programs to give orders by means of the algorithm making a decision for the timing, cost and still amount of the orders. It financial records for approximately 40 percent of all United Kingdom share dealings (McDowall, 2005).
Computer driven trading is the exercise of computer programs for entering business dealing orders by means of the computer algorithm making an assessment on certain features of the order for instance the price, timing or still the closing amount of the orders. It is extensively utilized through evade pension funds, funds, joint funds, and additional institutional dealers to separated up a huge trade into a number of minor trades in order to administer marketplace impact, prospect price, and risk1. It is as well utilized through hedge resources and comparable dealers to put together the choices to start orders supported on information that is established electronically, previous to human traders are still conscious of the information.
How it is used? Computer driven trading can be utilized by means of investment policy, comprising marketplace making, arbitrage, inter-market dispersion, or pure speculation (comprising tendency following). The savings assessment and implementation may possibly be increased at any phase by means of algorithmic support or may function totally automatically (Rob, 2007).
Where it is implemented? In year 2006 at the London Stock Exchange, more than ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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