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To me it means having sound moral principles and being honest and upright. In our contemporary world it is clear we have a serious lack of these important principles. But it is not enough to say that it is important to…
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Intergrity: The Most Pressing Leadership Issue of Today
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The Most Pressing Leadership Issue of Today” Integrity is the most pressing leadership issue of today. To me it means having sound moral principles and being honest and upright. In our contemporary world it is clear we have a serious lack of these important principles. But it is not enough to say that it is important to have integrity—we must take steps to instil it where it is lacking. A good place to begin in this regard is with Carter’s Three Step Integrity Model.
To begin with step one: discerning what is right and what is wrong is not an innate behavior or characteristic; it is learned. Education is key to building up this moral faculty. This faculty is built up through experience and through principles. In a country as politically complicated and as diverse as the United States, this takes a lot of work. We can’t shirk from hard work; we must embrace it.
Step two: Sometimes integrity means acting on what you have discerned, even at personal cost. In our society, one would call a person who discerns and acts on what they have witnessed or experienced a “snitch”. Many times in the justice arena a person who has witnessed a crime or an altercation, definitely could inform at personal cost—whether jeopardizing their lives or the lives of loved ones. An example a little closer to home would be, to discern something about a colleague or family member. This would definitely put one in an awkward position, especially if they have to confront the issue or if the issue jeopardizes the integrity of a company or violates a family member(s) trust; all at personal cost to that person. This more than likely would cause animosity, fear, loss of friendship and even, cost them their job or division in the family. The choice is a hard one; turning to faith is the best way to find an answer.
Step three involves saying openly that you are acting on your understanding of right from wrong. Even if it costs you personally, it is important to be honest. Recognizing this maxim, I remembered a situation much closer to home,
dealing with my colleagues. Several years ago, I wanted to be transferred to another school. I interviewed for a position at another elementary school and also several weeks later at a high school. After several weeks of waiting for an offer, the elementary school offered me a position. Wouldn’t you know, the high school called the very next day to offer me the position there. So, I accepted the position at the high school level and called the elementary school and to let them know I would not be interested in the position and was accepting the position at the high school level. The high school principal told me, “It is not ethical to change your mind and accept another position!” That hurt me to my heart, because I really wanted that position. In the end, I did not get either position because I had been too honest. This was a clear case of acting on what I understood to be right and being honest with what knowledge I had. This too is part of integrity. Read More
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