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The five major concepts that I found in My Sister’s Keeper are the following: connection on novel pg. 9, belonging on novel pg. 80 , compromise on novel pg.342-345, 352), trust on novel pg. 337, and acceptance on novel pg. 306/307.
2. I chose connection because it is a…
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The Sisters Keeper - Novel Assignment
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1. The five major concepts that I found in My Sister’s Keeper are the following: connection on novel pg. 9, belonging on novel pg. 80 , compromise onnovel pg.342-345, 352), trust on novel pg. 337, and acceptance on novel pg. 306/307.
2. I chose connection because it is a vital part of human relationships. It plays an active role in any relationship, whether partnerships or families. I believe that connection helps to cultivate confident, trusting and supportive relationships, and helps in understanding what the other person is feeling or undergoing. The lack of connection was shown in the novel through Sara and Brian and their son Jesse, wherein it was not a case of not caring but more that he was not high on the scale of things; they were too preoccupied with Kate to really connect to him, which caused a breakdown in their relationships.
I chose belonging because it is a vital part of human relationships in that it is a fundamental feature in being human. It plays a central role in love, caring and affection within the family group. I believe that belonging promotes confidence and self esteem and without a sense of belonging one’s self worth diminishes often leading to behaviour totally alien to the family group. The lack of belonging was shown in the novel by Jesse, who felt that he didn’t belong to his family and in retaliation took out his anger and lack of self esteem in unacceptable ways such as arson.
I chose compromise because it affects human relationships in both positive and negative ways. It plays an active role by establishing boundaries, agreements and obligations. I believe that compromise is an essential skill for successful relationships and that reluctance to compromise, or the lack of ability to compromise in any relationship can create a risk of failure. Wrong compromises are when the person compromising suffers a loss, or feels they are being taken advantage of and is thus an unhealthy comprise in any relationship. Compromise was shown in the novel by Anna, who we were led to believe felt that she had made too many compromises in allowing her body to be used by her parents to help Kate. Later in the novel however, we find that this is not really the case and that she had made a huge compromise for Kate by pretending so.
I chose trust because it is a vital part of human relationships. It plays a core role in any relationship and is developed by assessing another’s integrity, compassion and kindness. I believe that trust is fostered when another person behaves in a way we desire and is thus credible to us. The lack of trust was shown in the novel through Campbell not telling Julia about his illness, which led to Julia totally mistrusting him but when she found out the truth then her trust in him returned.
I chose acceptance because it is a vital part of human relationships in that without trying to see things from another’s perspective and accept them as they are and to view things as they see them, we fail to understand their view. It plays an effective role in fostering relationships and makes people feel important to you. I believe that acceptance helps to break down barriers and misunderstandings within any relationship. Acceptance and the lack of were shown in the novel by Brian, who did try to consider and accept Anna’s concerns from her perspective, and Sara who didn’t.
3. According to the text, connection is a factor in human relationships in a way that varies from person to person. (text. pg 363) As Brehm, Miller, Perlman & Campbell point out, it opposes autonomy in a relationship and often causes conflict between those involved. (text. pg 363)
According to the text, belonging is a factor in human relationships in that it demands frequent contact with those with whom we feel connected. (text. Pg 6) As Brehm, Miller, Perlman & Campbell point out, if we are to function normally we need at least a few lasting, caring relationships (text. pg.6 ) and the worth or value of those relationships affects our mental health. (text. pg 7)
According to the text, compromise is a factor in human relationships that occurs when people moderate or lessen their objectives for a mutual acceptable alternative. (text. pg 377) ) As Brehm, Miller, Perlman & Campbell point out, compromise is often the best alternative in order to ensure that both parties do not come out empty handed and that one does not win over the other. (text. pg 377)
According to the text, trust is a factor in human relationships in a precious way, especially in close relationships because “it makes interdependency more palatable.” (text. pg 222) As Brehm, Miller, Perlman & Campbell point out, trust fosters relaxed and comfortable friendships and if trust is lost relationships decay. (text. Pg 222)
According to the text, acceptance is a factor in human relationships that can run a gamut from utmost inclusion at one end to utmost exclusion at the other. (text. pg 308) ) As Brehm, Miller, Perlman & Campbell point out, an increase in rejection, however mild or extreme, may have a greater impact if it occurs with somebody who once liked us but now appears to like us less. (text. pg.308)
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