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The reason for the same lies in the fact that environment has a huge role in the lives of the people and hence following the activities and…
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Morals vs. Ethics
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Morals vs. Ethics Both ethical and moral constructs coming to the rescue of the environmental talk is significant from the onset of such discussions.The reason for the same lies in the fact that environment has a huge role in the lives of the people and hence following the activities and processes in a very moral and ethical fashion would indeed be the best case scenario. The environmental decision making must always be judged from the light of the ethical domains since there is a great deal of understanding which can be derived. The people could be given options which will eventually become the cornerstone as far as changing their lives are concerned. The morality conundrum gains importance with each passing day since environmental decision making has gained its due share within the midst of things. The comparison of morality with ethics must not come in the way of the environmental decision making since this is something that could be solved if both moral and ethical domains are kept in close check of one another. However the argument stems from the fact that morals and ethics are distinguished against one another, which in essence means that there are ambiguities for all and sundry, in the long run. The environmental decision making thus becomes a non-issue in the fight of survival for morality and ethics.
The interesting debate of morals vs. ethics is helpful as far as degrading the environment and its pertinent decisions are concerned. The reason for the same is that morality is a much cherished priority for the people and hence following the dictum within the environmental decision making scenarios becomes an even more desired proposition. The environmental decision making is hard to make – for the fact that there are judgments drawn every now and so often, alternatives found on each and every pathway, both short term and long term decisions studied in depth and thus a clear cut approach is manifested by the people who matter the most within the environmental decision making processes. The contrasting mannerisms related with morals and ethics in the discussion of the environmental decision making processes brings to light the notion of ‘doing it right’ and that too on a proactive and consistent basis. (Brewer & Stern, 2005) What this does is to document a clear cut beginning for the steps that will indeed be taken within the environmental folds and which will ultimately prove to be significant in the long run. More than anything else, it is the fight of morality and ethics that bring a bad taste in the mouth as far as the environmental decision making processes and strategies are concerned. What the decision makers must understand is the fact that the stakeholders of such environmental decisions would entail of nearly all the society members as well as the plants, animals and other eco-system members and hence the need should be to refurbish the environment as a result of the steps that they have undertaken. This will prove to be a blessing in the long run, all said and done.
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Brewer, Garry & Stern, Paul. Decision Making for the Environment: Social and Behavioral Science Research Priorities. The National Academies Press, 2005
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