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Sexual Dysfunction: Who is more at risk, men or women - Research Proposal Example

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The online version of, which is South Africa’s leading health and lifestyle website, stated that “millions of men and women,” I supposed it worldwide, “suffer from sexual dysfunction.”
In Lancet,…
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Sexual Dysfunction: Who is more at risk, men or women
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"Sexual Dysfunction: Who is more at risk, men or women"

Download file to see previous pages Sexual dysfunction signals serious disruptions of endocrine system, said Bhasin, Enzlin, Coviello, and Basson (2007) such as diabetes neuropathy. They also argued that endothelial dysfunction causes erectile impairment in men but in women the dysfunction is quite complex. Sexual dysfunction in women is mostly associated with depression and lack of testosterone production.
According to Dr. Barclay (2003), depressed women have more sexual dysfunction than depressed men. Wider (2008), on the contrary quoted the finding of the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, Mass., that 35% of women with diabetes may experience sexual dysfunction the same as men with diabetes. She also agreed with Bhasin, Enzlin, Covvileo & Bason that in women, sexual dysfunction is associated with depression. But, she added, depression can also cause sexual dysfunction among men as well.
Besides diabetes in both men and women and depression in women, other diseases may also signal that they are suffering from sexual dysfunction, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol, said Doctor Hakim (2007), in his writing on the Weston Campus.
In addition to the above causes of sexual dysfunction in women, other factors that contribute to women sexual dysfunction are childhood sexual abuse Najman, Dunne, and Boyle (2007), chemotherapy (Legato & Bilezikian, 2004) and several other factors.
In terms of age, in 2002, the University of Chicago released its study that indicates sexual dysfunction in men increases with age while women sexual dysfunction is not age related (
Seeing the increase number of men and women who suffer from sexual dysfunction and the different national results according to different secondary findings, this study will focus on women in the state of New York, with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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